Trends of the Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery for teenagers

Recently, teens are performing more plastic and cosmetic surgeries than patients, which are wondering. They have become beauty conscious and wanted to undergo treatment for their face, breasts, nose and ears. Many celebrities who were teens have undergone the cosmetic surgery and gained the perfect body shape. The parents are even showing interest on their children to undergo surgery in the present situation. Due to large ears and nose defects, some teens say they are undergoing insults and need surgery for better shapes. Color enhancement is one of the trends in cosmetic surgery, where acnes, scars are removed and skin is enriched with good color. The younger girls are showing much interest in breast augmentation, where the breast size is less and can be increased.Selfie craze made the more teens to perform the surgeries and gain popularity among the friends. This seems to be funny, but it has serious effects for them life time if something goes wrong. Teens feel happy if their photos are liked and commented and depressed when not, which is a reason for teenage cosmetic surgeries is also.

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Top performed surgeries:

As per the surgeons, facial surgeries and fat reduction has been gaining more popularity in the recent market. It may be due to comparisons among one another and increased fashion trends.

Breast Augmentation gets the first place of surgeries performed according to the stats. This procedure leads to change the shape and size and texture of breast with the help of tissues in the body.

Rhinoplasty, which is a surgery performed for the nose stands top after the breast surgeries. The more cases teens are making nose in perfect shape and size.

Eyelid surgeries are increasing on day by day and it grabs the third position.

Liposuction is a procedure which includes removal of fat in parts like hips, belly, buttocks and thighs. This surgery has been increasing 2percent among the people every year. The shape and size are perfectly sculpted by removing in the extra fat which does not burns with exercise and diet.

Some other surgeries like tummy tack, face lift, breast lift, skin coloring, forehead lifting are reportedly gaining more popularity among the teens.

Complications in plastic surgery:

Although reformation takes place after the surgery, many feel that that have not gained the shape or size they wish too. Many complications after the surgery are reported which includes bleeding, where the cuts are done during the surgery which leads to infections in the areas. There are cases which involved nerve damages where numbness and tingling sensations occur. Scars and organ damage are some more risks involved in the surgery.

One should educate them regarding the surgery to avoid risks and damages imvolved.Best doctor and successful rates should be verified before the plastic surgery though safe measures are followed.