Tips to engage your customers through instagram

 Frequently posting interesting images of your product/service on Instagram may increase your followers and thus increase your customers. Thus it is easy to enhance your brand recognition and can have a bigger fan base. Here are some tips to engage your customers while using instagram.

Instagram is considered as a photo sharing application, but some brands use it as a platform for sharing the written word also. To be success on instagram create and share images which are interesting and relevant.

Before sharing your photos, know what you are going to communicate with your customers. Remember that it is all for brand image and reputation. So ensure your images and messages should evoke an emotion.

Always offer a touch of exclusiveness and encourage your customers to take a selfies with their purchase and tag you and encourage them to purchase your goods by this. Respond to your followers. Reply to each and every comment. Follow them too.

Use your lovely pets to create an opportunity and share your moments on your posts to increase the engagement. Do not forget to use hashtags when you post an image. Use 2-3 hashtags which are more effective to grab the attention of your follower. Instagram allows 30 hashtags for each image. For more engagement create a branded hashtag that you post on each image.

Share photos of your products, remember to share the photos that are high quality about your product displays to grab the attention of your follower. Share the photos of your products and also give the detailed information about the product and tell a story about how your product is working and how it is solving client’s problem and how it is adding value to the client’s lives or business.

Run contests

Run some contests and announce attractive prizes or offers. This way you can attract a big base of followers.