Steps You Need to Follow to Remove Solar Nails

Yes, solar nails are beautiful looking flamboyant coating that your nails proudly show off. And most of you would want long lasting layers of solar nails that let you rest in peace once they are on your nails. While wishing for it is basic human tendency- since it saves time, money and constant errands to the salon, you would want to remove them from time to time (not very often though) just to care for your nails. Below are a few easy steps of how to remove solar nails!

The first thing you should do is cut your solar nails to the shortest length possible. This makes the coming task a lot easier for you. After you have cut your solar nails, fill a small bowl with acetone nail polish remover. Do this prior to applying any lotion or moisturizer to your hands. Now, you’d want to buffer your nails and remove all the gloss from them. Don’t just focus on one spot of the nail while doing so. Keep moving your nail in an even manner.

how to remove solar nails

Once you are done with all of that, clean the dust off. Apply a very thin layer of petroleum jelly around the skin of your nail bed so that you keep it protected from the acetone nail polish remover. While doing so, make sure your skin is properly covered to double check safety of your skin. After you do so, dip your nails in the bowl containing acetone nail polish remover. Keep it till you see the glue that binds your solar nails starts coming off. This might take 15-20 minutes.

Once you do this, the entire solar nail layers start getting jelly and mushy. When you see this happening, take your nails out of the bowl of nail polish remover. You can now gently try removing the layer from your natural nails. If you find it difficult to do so, dip your nails again back in the bowl to make the layer a bit more removable. Don’t force yourself to pull the layers off since it can damage your natural nails and even cause infection. If there is an infection, it will take a few weeks to heal and you would definitely want to avoid that. So, be patient with your solar nails.

Once you have removed the solar nails, wash your hands thoroughly. Make sure you remove all the amount of petroleum jelly as well as traces of acetone nail polish remover from your hands. If there’s any amount of glue still there, you can remove it by using a buffer. To keep your nails moisturized, apply some cuticle oil and massage your nails and hands. After all of this, you finally see your clean, healthy, and nice-looking natural nails.