The steps of cleansing a drug addict

The very first step in order for an individual with drug addiction help themselves is to acknowledge that there is a problem. They will never get the help that they really need unless they are ready to accept the truth and are willing to enrol themselves in a treatment program. So if one of your family members willingly volunteered himself to be treated, then the best is yet to come for them.

There are tons of best treatments centers in different countries but it is important that you know first what your loved one or friend will be going through. It is natural that you don’t what is being done because they would rather have it confidential. But as a family member, you are entitled to know the basics.

Psychotherapy is the first step

This is needed in order for an individual cope with the fact that they are healing. One example is teaching specific coping skills for managing specific problems and symptoms and providing a parental-style figure who gives authoritative guidance to those people who are in need of external guidance. Also, providing a model and personal experience of what trust-worthy relationships look like (so that such relationships can be pursued outside of therapy) is important in order for them to relate it to the outside world.

 Self-help groups in order for an individual to feel that they are not alone

Self-help groups may help the patient meet other people with the same problem, which often boosts motivation. Self-help groups can be a useful source of education and information too. Examples include Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. For those dependent on nicotine, ask your doctor or nurse for information on local self-help groups.

Facing withdrawal symptoms

The aim is to flush the harmful drugs out of the individual’s body. Depending on what the person is addicted to, as well as some other factors, the doctor may recommend treatment either as an outpatient or inpatient. In some cases, the person is given a substitute substance to control the withdrawal symptoms.

This is a basic explanation of what is to come and what your loved one has to endure during these times of need. It is extremely important that they finish their rehabilitation in order for them to not relapse and go back to being drug addicts again. Understanding and guiding them may help them during their treatment, showing them your continuous support is a big stepping stone that they will carry until the end.