Stay at Southpole Central hotel on your Sinulog Festival Event this year

 Cebu city is one of the places in the Philippines wherein it is busy, well, not quite as busy as Manila but Cebu is fast rising, not to mention that there are a lot of tourist destinations to go to as well as heritage sites which Cebu is quite famous for. This makes Cebu city a prime destination for tourists and people looking for business opportunities as well.

When staying in Cebu city, it is important to look for a place wherein you have easy access to where you’re going, one of the most ideal places to stay when in Cebu is Southpole Central hotel a cebu affordable hotels since it is practically situated at the heart of Cebu’s business and shopping district. They have all the amenities and services you would ever need and then some so come and enjoy your Stay at Southpole Central hotel.

Perfect location

Whether you are travelling to Cebu city on a business trip or for a bit of R and R, there’s probably no better place to stay than Southpole Central. Luxurious rooms, quality services and amenities will make you wonder if you’ve booked a room at a 5 star hotel. All their rooms are luxuriously built and well up to standard (and even beyond). Ideally located in the centre of Cebu city’s busy business and shopping district, you have the convenience of travelling to your destination and back to your hotel with ease.

After a long day of talking business, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour as well as enjoy a couple of glasses of the finest liquor in the house at the hotel’s rooftop bar. Enjoy the drinks and the view overlooking Cebu’s busy streets; it surely is a great way to end a busy day.

Almost instant downloads

Usually all hotel rooms are Wi-Fi ready and the guests have easy access to internet connection. While this is so, usually the connections are a tad slow so you still end up using your phone’s mobile data or your pocket Wi-Fi to do the job. Well, when you stay at the Southpole Central, put away your pocket Wi-Fi and turn off your mobile data as you won’t be needing them. All the rooms at the hotel are Wi-Fi ready, and not just any Wi-Fi, you are graced with high speed fiber internet when you book your stay at Southpole Central, crazy fast internet at a luxurious hotel.

The magic words

There’s nothing more heart-warming than to hear the words “free” and “food” all in one sentence. Who says no to free food anyway, right? When staying at the Southpole Central hotel, your mornings are graced with free breakfast, every morning for the duration of your stay. With a wide selection to choose from, mornings just got a whole lot better.

Whenever you go on a trip, it is important to know where you are staying as well as what the surrounding establishments of that place are. In this case, the Southpole Central hotel is the perfect place to stay in Cebu city if you are looking for a place that’s near to a lot of businesses and travelling to these establishments isn’t inconvenient.