Sash windows; you do not need second opinions on it

It won`t be wrong to call them as the New Generation Windows. Sash windows, without the slightest of doubt have been instilled with the best features that make it worth purchase. It`s company London Box Sash Windows has been in the business for past 3 decades, building up a considerable loyal customer base that boasts off its marvelousness and sheer quality of the products.

What makes these windows so unique?

The company apart from making Sash windows, also manufactures casement windows along with French doors but Sash windows is the flagship product.  A lot of technical craftmanship is put into the designing of the windows which makes them so special and demanding. Sash Windows London have been the premium choices of the customer owing to the performance they render along with longevity.

Another uniqueness this product encompasses is the quality of glass being used. The glass used in the sash windows reduce the energy costs of the consumer since they have a very high thermal performance. The glasses are glazed up with the A rate specifications.

The glass used in the windows is the 24mm E glass which is crystal clear, low iron glass that has the best rated performance. Its durable, long lasting and the best part has a premium over the edge, top notch thermal performance. Also, in order to protect the double glaze units of the window, a unique vented glazing system is used so as to let the trapped water and moisture recede through the concealed holes. This gives the company leverage of giving double guarantee on their product.

Moreover, apart from using the E glass, the company also uses other types of glasses in the window so as to suit the requirements of the customer. Here are they:

  • Laminated or tough glass
  • Acoustic glass- this type of glass combines together two sheets of glasses, which are bonded together with a transparent interlayer. This interlayer of the glass traps and blocks the noise coming from outside. It keeps the roaring high decibel sound at bay and is very good for people who like to have a calm atmosphere at home
  • Textured glass
  • Stained glass


In order to keep the maintenance cost of the windows low, the company uses the Acoya painting system which has long durability and gives an unrivalled everlasting paint finish. All the Sash windows are made using the Acoya paint systems and this ensures stability of the product. The windows are also draught proof. It maximizes thermal & sound efficiency of the product.

So, if you are planning to given your house a changeover, do not consider second opinion on going for Sash Windows.