Role of the PHR Test – How HR Professionals benefit

Like every other industry sector, Human Resource Management professionals are also required to get certified. It is now a requirement with many companies. PHR certification is much harder to get and every HR professional would benefit by getting it. This certification commands respect across the board in an organization. The best part is that one doesn’t require a University education to get certified. The ability to maintain this certification is another matter – professionals have to get recertified every 3 years to stay up to date. Take the PHR sample test to begin with.

What HR professionals can look forward to?

PHR certification is issued by the HCRI – Human Resources Certification Institute. There are several levels of certification offered by the Institute.

  • aPHR
  • PHR
  • SPHR
  • GPHR
  • PHRi
  • GPHRi

Professionals working in this field will be able to do well with about 4 years of experience in devising and implementing HR strategies. All you need to do is to get started here with the PHR sample test.

HRCI practice tests

What to expect from the test? Here’s a sneak peak of the test and the certification

Once a professional get certified, they have to get recertified so that their skills and knowledge are up to date. The test is 3 hours long and consists of 175 multiple choice questions, which cover a range of subjects. The reason recertification is important is that every organization’s HR guidelines change and so does the test.  Labor laws also change in each country and it is an HR professional’s job to stay informed, so that employer and employee rights are protected.

HR professionals can also participate in seminars and workshops to find new and better ways to deal with employees. Continuing education also gives them a broader view of initiatives undertaken by industry sectors. More than ever, employers are looking for professionals, who are well versed in HR practices, so that they can improve processes and also work confidently in any size organization.

Any HR professional with a PHR or other certification has accredited credentials, which are critical to validate expertise in this field. It also offers access to a network of professionals across the globe – at their level or even higher. Certification offers the following benefits

  • It requires work experience in this particular field along with competency
  • Through recertification, professionals can stay current with the changes in industry
  • Professionals can get the requisite experience, education and also take tests to ensure a valid status

The importance of any industry related test cannot be underestimated and companies are recognizing the need to hire professionals. Anyone interested in this field should consider their options and then embark on their chosen path through certification.