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The Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia has attracted lot number of attention & controversy in late times. The scheme has called as the stimulus package, the welfare payment, economic aid or bribe. There are certain questions that one must know whether it has made complete significant difference to the past elections. The impact of the same is mixed. Some of the constituencies are probably prone to influence of it to others. There are factors which work well. It was found that rural constituencies voting for BN can be due to the conservative nature rather payment of BR1M.

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Is it a welfare payment?

The welfare payments are mainly for the special people, the ones who are physically or mentally challenged, single ones, encounter any hardship or misfortune and living below poverty line. If more than 7 million of people that receives the BR1M, what does these things tells? Is this handicapped country or a misfortune where most of the living are below poverty line, despite more than 4 decades of growth. Well, market economy is also subjected to bust and boo. There are sometimes when the unemployment is too high or businesses are bad. It is stated for offering assistance when the times are wrong.

What is Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia trying to do?

It is offered to people regardless of the market conditions. In the bad or good, it is given to all people. It is even given to the people who don’t even need it and these results in higher inflation. Some people also consider it as the play for which other people’s money is used. If it is helpful for them, it is fine politically bit if not then? Certain measures should be taken so that the money goes in right hands and to needy people only.