How to Play GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto isn’t new to the idea of online play, but the 5th major installment of the series hit the formula right on the money. GTA Online is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that can put up to 29 people in a virtual rendition of Los Santos at any given time. The map is pretty much the same as what you can see when playing the game’s offline mode, but now you’re free to do practically whatever you want.

Note that in GTA Online specific activities and missions are instanced. In other words, you’re only going to be in an area wherein other players are grouped so you can directly see each other with ease. If you’re a newbie to the online world of GTA, here are a few quick tips to start your adventure.

Watch Out for the White Dots on the Map

When you see white dots moving around on your minimap, these are the other 28 players you’re sharing the current server spot with. Once you see another player moving towards you at breakneck speed, they’re either fleeing from the cops or they’re coming after you because you’ve just garnered some expensive loot. If you see the white dot closing in on you, always be ready with your weapon (or your fists). You can also go inside stores and businesses as these are generally PVP-free zones.

Gain Friends (or Frienemies)

Perhaps the best way to enjoy GTA Online is to do it with friends, but what if you’re just new to the game? Well, you better start making some. It’s practically easy to make friends in GTA Online. Just join a heist, and you’ll find yourself laughing at the craziness with the group after you’ve completed or failed the mission. You can also kill each other for whatever reason you’d like and still laugh it out afterward.

Steal a Nice Car

It’s GTA, so there’s bound to be car theft involved. However, don’t just steal any random car you see once you enter GTA Online. Search for an automobile that you’d like because the first car you steal will be the one you have to use until you can afford a new one. This rule is one of the imperatives of GTA that players have to follow that’s unique to its online mode. In the game’s offline mode, you can steal whatever car you like at any time.

Before we end this post, learn to recover your car from afar using your phone. If you’ve just done something that got the attention of the cops, then you’d want to make sure that you’re always one step ahead of them.