All You Need To Know About the Best Chainsaw Mill

The best chainsaw mill saves you the trouble of hauling logs to the sawmill from your remote location. This tool is ideal if you’re the avid DIYer. Nearly every project you’ve ever imagined would be within the realm of possibility.

Similarly, it benefits you to have this tool at your homestead. When you’re living off the grid and downsizing, then having a chainsaw mill at your disposal is helpful. If you’re planning to buy one but aren’t sure where to start, then you likely have a lot of questions about it. We’ll give you the answers you need to satisfy your curiosity.

best chainsaw mill

Why Should I Buy A Chainsaw Mill?

You should consider buying a chainsaw mill for its portability. Since it’s smaller than a bandsaw mill then it isn’t too heavy. You can easily transport it to where your tree fell. Hence, the log won’t go to waste and you’ll be able to use it for whatever purpose you desire.

How Much Will It Cost You?

How much you’re willing to spend for a chainsaw mill would depend on the features you require. You can expect to pay at most $ 200 for the basic model. However, making an additional investment would be in your best interest. In this case, consider getting a track and frame for the mill. This allows you to mount the chainsaw so it’s easier and safer to use.

The cost of a chainsaw to power the mill can cost reach up to $ 1,000. However, you can get one for about $ 300. The total cost would still be cheaper than taking your business to the sawmill. In addition, you can expect to recoup your investment many times over considering what the tool will allow you to do.

Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

Admittedly, the chainsaw mill does have its limitations. The number of lumber you can produce with it is limited. At the same time, it won’t be able to cut through incredibly dense wood. The length of the chainsaw bar would also limit the size of wood it can cut. Hence, it’s best to take into account the type of wood you would use the tool on before making your purchase.

Nonetheless, the real benefits it offers far outweigh its limited capacity to cut in quantity or through any thick wood. As an avid DIYer or a homesteader, you’ll welcome the best chainsaw mill into your toolset.