Miami Vice and its Classic 80 tals kläde Style

You can’t say 80 tals kläde Style without calling to mind Miami Vice. The television show aired for five seasons. Yet its fashion and attitude are classics. Interestingly, you can still see a few men in a suit reminiscent of Detectives James ‘Sonny’ Crockett and Richard Tubbs, played by actors Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, respectively.

Prior to the show’s debut, police themed series donned the typical, boring uniform. Hence, it was a refreshing change to see a police squad in a trendy fashion. We feature how anyone can take the Miami Vice style and make it their own. Interestingly, you can use it as a party costume or dress like Crockett every day.

How to Dress Like Sonny

Crockett’s white suit and light, pastel colored shirts are a classic combination. Even in a dark colored blazer, Crockett still managed to pull off the look. Tubbs also had his moment in the spotlight. The pair never even let any of action scenes upset their relaxed trouser. Notably, in a pair of white loafers sans socks.

80 tals kläde

When the pair weren’t wearing their jackets, they sported sleeveless, colorful and casual tees. They favored pastels. Yet the lighter palette didn’t take away their masculinity even while chasing down perpetrators.

How to Dress Like Crockett and Tubbs Even if You’re a Girl

Women can also dress up like Crockett and Tubbs. You’ll look cool just like both characters but with a feminine touch all your own. Begin with a pastel shirt and top it with a white jacket. Put on a pair of white pants. If you’re not a fan of loafers then go for white pumps instead. Hence, you have a better reason to skip the socks. To complete the look and add sunglasses.

Dress Up Like an 80s Miami Vice Babe

You have two choices if you plan to dress up like an 80s Miami Vice babe. Throw yourself into Miami’s culture and play the role of a beach babe. Strap on a brightly colored bikini, if you’re a bit shy then go for a monokini. But for an authentic look, it should have strategic cuts in the right areas. Complete the look with the chunkiest jewelry you can find plus put on roller skates.

If you’re looking for a more powerful look, then you can dress up like Detective Trudy Joplin. Sexy yet commanding in her miniskirt and animal print crop top. Dress up and relive Miami Vice classic 80 tals kläde style with ease.