Meditation Cushion- A Tool For Enlightenment

Meditation is a very ancient practice to calm the mind and attain enlightenment. The olden day yogis and monks used straw mats or animal skins to sit and meditate. Though we do not need any fancy mats or pillows for meditation, using them has a few advantages.

Meditation Cushion- A Tool

  • Cushions elevate the hips and support the knees. There is no disruption to the flow of blood to your knees and feet and this will ease the discomfort of needles and pins in the feet due to prolonged sitting. Yogis also recommend sitting with a straight spine as it allows the uninterrupted flow of energy through the seven chakras of the body. Cushions support the body to maintain the perfect posture throughout the session and prevent stress on the spine.
  • Sitting on the hard floor makes your ankles to ache and misalign your back, hips and shoulders due to lack of proper support. Meditation cushion makes sitting in a single posture comfortable by providing cushion to your knees and ankles. The comfortable position relaxes your body and improves concentration resulting in a deep and peaceful meditation.
  • The natural fibres used in these cushions provide a firm grip and balance to the body allowing you to comfortably maintain the posture for longer durations. These are also hypo allergic. Always choose a cushion which has a soft covering and a good stuffing that do not lose the shape after prolonged used and is easy to maintain.
  • The cushions are made in different colours, shapes and sizes to suit the preferences of the users. The choice of the cushion should depend upon the elevation required and the posture of meditation.
  • The presence of a meditation set helps the user to become punctual and never forget about the meditation session. This will help you to meditate on a daily basis at a fixed time and place.

With so many advantages, using a cushion may prove to be your first step in the direction towards enlightenment.