Knowing the cause for warts and proper steps to be taken for treating them

Warts are caused by virus named human papillomavirus family (HPV) .there are many types of hpv viruses.they can grow on different parts of the body and they cannot be similar.they can be passed from one person to aother person so one should be vey careful while sharing any items with the person who have warts.some warts goes by their own and some are rough they doesnt go easily. Grab more knowhow about natural wart removal here.

The warts which are present in genital area must be treated by doctor dont follow any home remedies for them.the warts can be removed at that area but they can even come again even after removed.

They need to treated instantly because it is a contagious disease so it can be dangerous to your near or loved ones.So taking neccessary action at correct time is must.if you dont know how to treat them, take professional doctor help.

natural wart removal

There are many natural wart removal treatments available but selecting correct treatment depending on type of your wart is more vital. There are natural treatments like tea tree oil, aloe vera, pineapple, apple cider vinegar, raw potato and also treatments like salicylic acid, aspirin, catharidin, liquid nitrogen etc. they are many other treatments like laser, burning the warts, cutting the wart also but they leaves a scar again and they are very painful. So mostly they are preferable to who can bear the pain.

There are many surgeries also for removing the warts like cryosurgery this is a two-step process that removes the warts from your body part without hurting and disturbing the other parts of the body.the first step is making your wart ready for removal and next is freezing the wart, before doing this surgery the individual should go for freezing many times.

Steps to be followed at home before going to surgery for warts

You must do some things before removal of your doing these things at home can minimize the number of freezing treatments you need.before going to bed evry night clean the wart with your soap and put some salicyclic acid on it.after applying the gel put a salicyclic pad or bandage to cover it.leave it overnight or 24 hours and after that remove it.if the area becomes reddish around the wart stop using it and immediately consult a doctor.If it doesnt become reddish remove the strip or bandage  clean the wart with water and soap put on the gel and cover it can cover the wart area only at night no need at day time.