The popular trainer Kayla itsines who is popular for heathy eating and fitness is followed my many people. This program is popular as Bikini Body Guide or BBG. Many people follow it but fitting in the bikini is not the main goal. Bikini body is to look confident and feel good.

Just thirty minutes a day with nutrition and workouts helps

This program of her is basically of 12 weeks and one need to spend thirty minutes each day. This trainer Kayla started this program with Instagram page, so that it would be easy for tracking the clients success stories.

Beginner can also start with this plan

A person who is basically in beginner level and can push themselves can start with this plan. As this has intense workouts and strong nutritional program, the person will drop few pounds and then he will be able to tone him selves and build muscles. The person need to continue the healthy eating and workout program after those twelve weeks, so that he can change the lifestyle and reach his goal. As a person will be following a diet which is rich in nutrition and restricting his calorie intake, there will be fat loss and she would see change in her body. Along with it, those high intensity workouts will help her in toning the body.  As each person’s body will be different, the progress will also vary.  It may be easy for one to reduce more and lose more inches while other person has lost less but improved her health. One must not compare their success with others but just keep motivated and push hard to achieve their goals. Check out the Bikini Body Guide.

Person with medical issues and pregnant must consult a doctor

If a person has some medical issues, they must make sure to visit a doctor first. As it is intense program, the person’s health condition must be in control. If the doctor has advised to move with the program, them the person can kick start it. High intensity interval training is not saving according to research for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.  But the person will be able to improve his health as time goes on. People who have knee injuries and arthritis should look for low intense program. There are chances that the high intensity program can worsen the condition of the person. A woman who is pregnant can follow with doctor’s help. If she was regular to the workouts before becoming pregnant, then she can follow this. She can make few changes in the exercises after the doctorssuggestions.  One can start with a beginner four week program and then start with the twelve week program.