The Kayla Itsines Review—Is the BBG Workout worth trying?

 The Bikini Body Guide or the BBG Workout has everyone vying for that perfect abs in a bikini body but whether you should try the fitness program? Is it worth it? How much do you need to pay for it? If you have a number of similar questions poking every corner of your brain, do a simple thing-read the Kayla Itsines review online and mind you, you will find enough of them! The 23 year old personal trainer from Adelaide has managed to build an army of several thousand of women who have dedicated themselves to the cause of healthy eating and healthy living and giving confidence and self-esteem a chance. Many of them also chose to pen down their personal experience so several others can benefit from it.

The Kayla Itsines Review

When you set out online to search for the Kayla Itsines review, you will get everything from good to bad. There are women who claim they have lost 50 LBS within 6 months of working on the BBG 1.0 and 2.0 workouts. What these women liked most about the plan is that it was not a merely exercise plan or a nutritional plan but a great combination of both. The BBG program is a perfect combination of both these elements. It does not involve any kind of starvation diets or exercises that are difficult to do, especially for the beginners. The program gives clear instructions on what to do and what to eat.

Then there are other women who believe that the Kayla’s fitness program is simply overrated. These women have several complaints like having inconsistent results; they believe the program has a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach which certainly does not work for all the women since different women need different approach to lose weight. If you are not using the popular application for your workout, you can have a problem, the guidance is only in the form of illustrations or pictures that can be confusing and thus, completely risky. The schedule that has been mentioned in the program has also been found to be unrealistic by many women; having to workout both in the morning and the evening is not just impossible but also unrealistic for several women who have other better things to do as well.

All said and done, you have to experience it to believe it, different people, different perceptions is all we can say. But there is certainly one great thing about the program, Kayla has managed to motivate women to set healthy living as their priority.