Introducing the 2017 Top Baby Gates for Stairs

When we have toddlers, they are too young to be left wandering alone and unattended in the house. There are some areas in the house that are not safe for them. The kitchen, stairs or even the living room where your fireplace can be located. Mothers cant look after them 24/7 and not do household chores. This is where the baby gates come in.

Baby Gates for Stairs

A Baby gate is one of the “must haves” when you’re kid starts crawling. There are standard baby gates available on the market. However, if you are going to install it to barricade the stairs, there are gates that are specifically designed for stairs to provide maximum security. If you visit you can find reviews about the different types of baby gates that you might be interested with.

Gate for Top Stairs: No Trip Design

These baby gates are specifically designed to be installed on the top stairs. Unlike the standard baby gates, this does not have a bottom bar where you can trip over. These are also best for hallways, doorways and some even use it as a room divider.

Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru

This baby gate is sturdy and very easy to install. One of the best features of this gate is it does not have a bottom bar that can cause someone to trip over. It fits 29” to 42” perfectly. It stands 30” tall and can be installed 3” above the floor, making it 33” in height. The slats gap is 2 ¾ which is a standard measurement. The door of this gate can open in both ways, but if prefer a specific direction, you can use the removable swing control clip.

The lock is childproof. For adults, you can use one hand to open it though. The gate doesn’t have an auto-closing feature but there’s a red/green indicator that will tell you if the door is completely closed. If you want to remove it, it can be easily detached from its hinges.

How to Install.

This gate is screw-mounted. It is pretty easy and can even be a DIY project. It comes with a template that you can directly tape on the wall for you to be able to drill the hinged end. Once the hinges are in place, you can start making the adjustments. This gate is perfect for stairs and can stand the pressure when your kid starts shaking it.

 When planning to purchase a baby safety gate, you should take into consideration the purpose and the area where you will install it. The Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru is the best pick according to the review of for the best top stairs gates. You can also check out other types of gates that you might need on the other areas of your house.