Internal and External check on used cars

One of the best decisions you can make to save the credit in your bank account is buying a used car from the used cars of national city. However, this requires extreme caution on your part. You need to perform a thorough and completed inspection of the car you are considering to buy or you may end up buying a car that will drain you more than your investment.

Here are the most important points you should keep in mind to save yourself a lot of trouble and money.

1) External Inspection

  1. a) Check each part/panel of the car body including the roof for any kind of rust, scratches, dents or uneven paintwork.
  2. b) Take a close look at the glass for any scratches or cracks.
  3. c) Ensure that the doors, windows, and boot open and close conveniently.
  4. d) Stand at a distance and notice any imbalance in suspension. Also, press on each corner and see if the car returns to its normal position.
  5. e) Check all tires are the same and haven’t been replaced.
  6. f) Make sure all the lights are working properly.

2) Internal Inspection

  1. a) First match the mileage with the information provided by the seller
  2. b) Make sure the air conditioning is working well.
  3. c) Check the seats, dashboards and the entire interior for any scratches, spots or tear.
  4. d) Pullout the seatbelts and see if they are working properly.
  5. e) Use the stereo system and other available electronic systems in the car to be certain they are in good working condition.

3) Engine Inspection

  1. a) There should be no fluid leaks.
  2. b) Take a closer look at the hoses and belts, especially the timing belt.
  3. c) Also, make sure there is no sign of corrosion or dents under the hood.

1) Check under the car for any leakage or rust.

2) Take the Car for a test drive and make sure the brakes are working properly and there are no noises while driving and taking turns.

Making a thorough inspection like this in used cars in national city can get save you a lot of trouble later. In addition, it can assure you that your purchase is worth every penny. If you get a used car that’s really good, consider yourself lucky. You will have got a great asset at a very reasonable price.