Importance of fitness exercise in dealing with stress

Only a healthy mind can lead to a healthy body. Busy and hectic schedules have made our life chaotic and stressful. Stress is a result of lack of organization and planning .This chronic state of stress can be very well controlled by physical exercises. Exercise helps in maintaining a synchronized harmony between the various bodily functions .When one exercises, the body releases a natural opiate (pain killer) endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. Endorphins interact with the brain receptors that reduce the perception of pain. Like morphine endorphins, dopamine and serotonin trigger a positive feeling of euphoria .The equilibrium of the body lost due to stress can be gained again by exercises like cycling, hiking, running, swimming, kick boxing etc. Yoga, a mind body exercise is an excellent stress buster. Team sports and group training is also a good way to remove the negativities. Although it is difficult to totally eliminate stress but with exercise we can handle it in a healthy manner. A good online fitness coach will help you to choose the best exercise for your body.

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Exercises and Diet go hand in hand

Fitness exercises along with a proper diet plan are the best way to lead a healthy life. If a reduction in calorie intake is done without proper exercise it can lead to more muscle loss. This is because the body uses the muscle Protein as a source of fuel. Fitness exercises regulate body fat distribution and metabolism thus improving the overall body composition. An increased metabolism can lead to increased burning of calories. Aerobic exercises like cardio especially target the abdominal fat which is considered to be the most stubborn fat .This fat is mediated by various hormones and exercise regulates them.

Do exercise with ease

People who want to lose fat do exercise with the intention of burning calories under the guidance of a good online fitness coach. If you do the same thing by enjoying then no stress and strain will be present. The cardio aids in attaining muscles with thin look. It helps in burning fat but don’t change metabolism. You should also do other exercises in building strong muscle mass. There are people who do heavy workouts and training in losing weight quickly. It is just a big loss in getting body pains and losing the energy of muscles. In order to do more workout you should daily do exercise. If increasing workouts slowly by habituating to the body then the response of your health and weight loss will be best. It is better to walk for long time in slow way than doing heavy workouts to strain body. These give problems for the metabolism of your body. The people should do exercises in correct order given in their plan and increase the performance. These are some ways to get lean body and be healthy easily. Online training is definitely one of the best options when it comes to training but it is not meant for everyone, a person should be self-motivated to an extreme level and should be clear with the purpose-achieving the goal.