Having trouble with your eyesight?

Out of all the five senses that we have, probably the one that we depend on the most is our sense of sight and it is probably the most used as well. From the moment we open our eyes each morning up to when we close them when we go to sleep. In between these moments, our eyes probably do most of the work, especially if you’re facing a computer screen every day.

Excessive exposure to these elements may lead to eye strain and degradation of eye sight. When you start to experience some sort of eye problem, better get it checked out to avoid possible complications. They say that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. Well, the window to one’s eye is through retinal cameras used by ophthalmologists to see what’s going on with your eyes.

Do I need to get my eyes checked even though I don’t experience any vision problems?

 Yes, you might not notice it but there might be probably something wrong with your eyesight. Getting regular comprehensive eye exams every one to two years is usually recommended by the experts. Your eyesight will begin to degrade once you get older so getting it checked regularly by ophthalmologists will help you know what the problem is and ultimately help you take the necessary steps in correcting it. In short, so that you would know if you need glasses or not.

How to know if you NEED to get eye exams.

 These symptoms might probably bother you that much (or do they?) but if you do ever experience some of these symptoms, then it’s probably high time you get your eyes checked and take the necessary measures to correct them. if you have ever experienced sudden blurriness of vision or problems focusing on something as well as headaches, sensitivity to light and eye pain among other things, then you might just need to get an eye exam.

Ever wonder what ophthalmologists use to check your eyes?

 Aside from the poster of letters gradually decreasing in size (these are called vision screenings by the way) they use retinal cameras to look for problems. These cameras are very different from those you’re probably familiar with. These are used to capture images of the interior surface of your eyes which is a key factor in the identification of various eye diseases which cannot be determined by just the vision screenings.

Our eyes, as well as our vision, is very important to us, that is more than enough for us to take care of them since we only have a pair. Getting regular check-ups and yearly eye exams are the key factors to maintaining good eyesight.