DIY Halloween costumes

When it comes to Halloween it is time to spend lot of time googling about DIY costume ideas. It is not easy to make a unique and attractive costume all the time. Everyone with for most amazing, creative costumes and hence they start digging up every corner of the Internet. Here are some ideas which can be done by spending least time.

DIY Halloween costumes:

Do something with Jelly beans:

Among all this costume idea will result in sweetest outfit. One must have a trash bag for this costume. In this trash bag make holes for your legs and hands to fit in. This will look similar to candy bags. For the jellybeans, one must fill this bag with multi colored balloons. Using a ribbon one can tie up this bag near neck.

Life hack

Ghost like costume:

This is one among the easiest costumes that can be made. Things need for this is just an old bed sheet. It is better if it is a white one and next thing is to make 2 holes in this bed sheet. These 2 holes are small enough since they are for eyes. When cutting be careful since it should look like a holy ghost. Remaining sheet must be dressed with some suitable makeup. The place where the mouth comes one must wear lipstick there and cheeks must also be done with some color or makeup.

The riveter

One can dress up completely like a cultural icon. Have some name for this and this will also look like a symbol of feminism. One must have a denim top or any long sleeved top for this. Sleeves must be rolled till elbow. Around the head one must tie bandana preferably red in color. Hair must be tied up. To complete this costume one must wear 1940s makeup. Will all these it is done.

Dress up like a fortune-teller:

One can use gypsy magic to impress someone. It will be fun roaming around telling fortunes for others. This costume demands a shawl to drape the shoulders, long skirt, sparkly top, and a head scarf. Along with these one must also wear flashy jewelry and lot of gold. One must have ideas for funny fortunes for their family and friends. Along with these preparations, one most important thing is having a mysterious smile on the face. This is very important.

Be a Nerd:

One can think of a geeky and homemade costume. This will give a nerd look. To heighten the geek effect one must wear a glass. It is better if it has a bandage in the middle. Wearing suspenders will give an excellent look for the nerd costume. Pant or skirt should be pulled up high. Tucking the shirt into pant or skirt will give great look. If there are pockets then keep either calculator or pens in it.