Learn more about buying traffic!

Learn more about buying traffic!

The secret is that there is no easy way to buy traffic. There are a lot of sites and products claiming to bring you traffic, but in reality, it is difficult to arrange for people come to your website, click around, and buy something. We tried 3 techniques and share our findings with you here.

We are of the opinion that 1) PPC campaigns are a definite must 2) paid inclusion in newsletters, ads and banners, can be successful if well-placed and well-designed, & that 3) bulk targeted traffic is a scam.

Note: industry information on lead generation is somewhat guarded. Lead generation and the purchase of traffic is a complicated business, with networks and affiliate groups. There is not much info on this subject to be easily found on the internet. We present this account with a pinch of salt. We would be very interested to read about your experiences.

Buy Targeted Traffic

Research markets – buy advertisement

We purchased advertisement inclusion in two well-known opt-in / subscription newsletters. Both inserts were in the price range of $750 – $1000.

For both campaigns we provided a banner ad with text for inclusion in a newsletter published on the internet and sent out to various email lists, made up of 25,000 to 500,000 opt-in subscribers.

We were told to expect anywhere from 300 to 3000 click-through. From that number, 10% of the visitors might take out a free Opentracker trial, and of those trials in turn, a percentage of people would purchase website statistics subscriptions.

We created separate landing pages for each mailing, so that we can very clearly see, by url, how many people landed on each page.

Results – collect data

In both cases the numbers were lower than expected.

For the first mailing, we received 10% of the visitors we had been told to expect, but the visitors showed a high level of interest, based on pageviews.

For the second mailing we received the amount traffic we had been told to expect but less than 10% of the visitors created trial accounts. The average number of clicks was much lower, indicating that this group was clearly less interested than the first mailing group.

Conclusion: paid inclusion

You do not know what the quality of the traffic that you will receive is going to be. There is no way to guarantee that your visitors will take any action, which tells you that you need to both a) have well-targeted traffic, and b) make your site a great place to visit.

Nobody can “force” people to come to your website, look around, and make purchases.

What to bring – budgeting

In our experience, you need a budget of several thousand dollars to test the waters; a regular budget of somewhere between $500 and $1500 per month, or every other month. You should budget a larger percentage to continue purchasing sources of traffic that work for your site. Also budget a small percentage of your marketing wallet for experiments, to find new sources, and tap into new marketing channels.

Adult Targets for Mature Contents

Adult Targets for Mature Contents

If you are a business that sells mature or adult services and products but have a hard time getting customers to stay, you don’t have to worry anymore because BuyWebTraffics will provide you with as much as 16 targets to choose from and choose the location where you want your business to spread. In order to do this, you have to buy targeted traffic that you feel will be the best future customers and will totally understand the business that you are offering.

 The guys from BuyWebTraffics are more than willing to provide you with their own services and will help you in choosing your specific targets since you have products that are for the adults only. But this doesn’t mean that you will only have limited customers, this means that you will be able to focus on your target customer only which is less of a headache and more of a profit!

Buy Targeted Traffic

Boosting your website even with limited targets

Your site traffic stats will be through the roof with visitors that have been carefully selected and filtered to match your exact needs. You got nothing to worry about because in no time, you’ll get the desired customers that you always wanted and will be able to focus only on your business and nothing else. They are more than willing to help your site boost without any problems.

Real Humans 100% Guaranteed

Are you having doubts with the visitors that you are having in your website? Worry no more because the visitors that you have are real human beings who eat, sleep and live who go about their daily lives. They are carefully chosen due to the sensitive and mature nature of the website that you have so rest your worries and relax. You got nothing to worry about. They always got your back.

Affordable Price tags

Their services are affordable compared to other service providers like them. they give you the services that you deserve depending on the amount that you paid and you are all set in waiting for your future customers. They will bring you what you have always wanted and sooner or later, your website will reach specific target of visitors per month without you even realizing it. Patience is the key in times like these.

People from BuyWebTraffics already know your specific targets so you don’t have anything to worry about. They are good with their jobs and will make sure that you get what you paid for.

   Use VoIP toners to get the Best VoIP services

A very important factor to consider when choosing a VoIP service, whether for the business use or for personal use is the speed of the internet provider and most of the people fail to do so. The result is poor quality of calls since the calls in such cases are unstable and jittery and often disconnect, the customers are dissatisfied when the promise of great calls to them is not fulfilled. This is exactly where the VoIP toners come into the picture. It offers test tools that help the customer to make the right decision when getting the VoIP services and it is absolutely free of cost! It has especially created a VoIP speed test tool that is designed keeping in mind the several levels of consumers.

How do VoIP toners work?

The speed test tools created by VoIP toners can be used by the customers for absolutely free. They can check the services of their internet provider and their performance to make sure that they can handle the VoIP service that they are looking forward to use. The test tool will ping your network whether at home or at work to the server that is the nearest, without considering where you are from. It also records the response time of download or upload which shows how fast the internet provider can handle your calls when you are using VoIP. It then finally recommends the suitable VoIP line appropriate to make a clarity call.

An important thing worth mentioning here is that it is a pre-purchase checking only. And the customers will have to consider the reviews and feedback from the clients that are actually using them to find whether or not the services are suitable for them. The tool comes as a great advantage to the VoIP toners users since they not only get reviews and feedback from the clients and users but also check whether their network can or cannot use the VoIP. It also helps to make the right decision on signing a VoIP provider and not regretting the decision later.

To conclude, the basic aim of VoIP toners is to provide a detailed information and insight that is necessary to make an aware and educated choice. The information provided will include data of network speed test, number of VoIP lines that are recommended, upload time, personal reviews of the editor and general reviews and feedback from the customer. The interviews are conducted regularly and the data is updated regularly so as to have the latest information and provide the best experience to the customer.


Changing Career Path:  Entrepreneur and Freelancing

 When I graduated from the university and successfully passed the professional board examination, I was confident enough to enter the working industry. As a fresh graduate, your expectation of the work environment is quite unrealistic and often dream about landing that dream job. But as you gain more experience in the local industry, you will begin to realize that work is pretty much is all about responsibility.

You will begin to be exposed to the toxicity of an office and start to identify different characters. You will also learn about how dirty politics work and how does it affect your daily life. Add that inconvenient public transportation and annoying people you encounter along the way. Soon you realize that most of the companies will take advantage of you by working you until you are completely dry while compensating you with at least a minimum salary grade.

Breaking the Wall of Misconception

Since I was a student, all of my professors are kept saying that having a stable job with big and famous companies can secure my financial freedom. Even so, I would be probably around middle age before that happens since even with a more than 5 years of experience, the salary range provided by most of these companies does not even have a huge difference due to the income tax reduction and daily expenses. Hence, the take home money is almost the same.

Two years in the industry, I tried to find another solution besides going abroad to find a more competitive source of income. During my free time, I keep researching for ways to help me achieve the financial freedom I dreamt about. Soon, I began learning about the stock market and reading a lot of articles about small business start ups.

Not Enough Time

Since I was working full time, almost every day I burn at least 15 to 16 hours considering the travel time and heavy congestion of traffic. I soon realize that even if I find another solution, there is no enough time to allot to it. I don’t want to sacrifice the allotted time for rest, friends, and family since there are also essential for my wellness.

So I decided to tender my resignation in pursuit of having more time for business and monitoring my stocks in the market.


Even though my business is still small and only starting to grow, I was barely going by in the financial department for few months. Since it is not yet stable, money that comes in my portfolio is quite seasonal. Hence, I decided to plan another goal to supplement my income. Then I discovered freelancing or home-based opportunities.

It is suitable to my needs. It provides stable income, less stressful environment and more time for my business since I’m working at home. At first, I was reliant since most of the employer is from other countries. I was worried about the medium of communication since we can’t rely only on using chat and I was worry how costly to call someone overseas. Later on, I discovered how helpful Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications is which you can use to call someone using the internet. There are also free VoIP that can be used like Skype and Viber which is very convenient means to communicate with them. Also, some of the employers are using paid services from VoIP providers like seen on the website of voiptoners to supplement their businesses.

And as of now, I began to stabilize my income and given the opportunity to work on my own small business while working flexible time provided by my home-based job.

Hotel Property Management System, Anyone?

It cannot be denied that competition inthe hospitality industry has peaked to a level no one would want to lag behind. Improving Infrastructure and hiring top – notch hotel staff are not enough to end up leading or staying in the race. In order to stay in the hostility industry, employment of hotel property management system or hotel PMS.

Hotel property management system refers to a platform widely used by top hotels and hotel groups to improve management of front office capabilities and onsite services. These include booking reservations, check – in/check – out of guests, room assignment, billing, and housekeeping and maintenance management. Having hotel PMS, the hotel’s commonly executed tasks become streamlined. This suggests that these tasks are quickly and easily completed through user – friendly interface and intuitive design. What trends does the system introduce?

hotel PMS

Unparalleled Mobility

Mobility in technology is one of the features of the system. A modern – based version of the software infuses technology that is recently developed.  Part of the system is the integration of cloud technology. With the system’s cloud – based version, hotel staff are empowered with tablets and smartphones to provide guests with quality service wherever and whenever the need arises. Here’s how it works. The system checks in a guest as he / she is chauffeured to the hotel. It alerts the housekeeping staff in real time to tidy up the room. It uploads photos of a defective lighting in the room so maintenance can assess do the assessment and fix it.

These features of the system add a flavor of excitement to an industry that has been existing based on established routines – not to mention the voluminous piles of paper and spreadsheet.

Guests’ Demands at the Forefront

As mentioned earlier, the competition and dynamism in the hospitality industry, particularly in hotels and hotel groups, is magnanimously projected and felt. Hotels have to embrace the fact that they need to capitalize on the availability of property management system to capture and keep market share. Instead of providing their customers with cookie – cutter experience, hotels have to give their customers individualized experience with the innovations the management system provides. This does not only leave guests satisfied and with increased loyalty, but also leave them indelible and lasting memories.

Evolving for the Emerging Workforce

The hospitality industry does not exclude itself to provide a workplace for the growing number of millennials. More than 80 million millennials in the US share fate together in landing a decent job. Some of them would find themselves working for hotels or hotel groups.

Millennials belong to the age bracket 18 –  34 years of age. They characteristically represent a generation significantly molded to work for hoteliers who intend to integrate technology into their business and eventually maximize it. This generation of millennials is innately tech savvy. They would thrive in an industry that uses technology. Working with a hotel property management system that is cloud – based provides a constructive work milieu for the millennial worker and an enriching experience for a millennial customer as well.

Make the Right Hotel PMS Decision

Make the Right Hotel PMS Decision

With cut throat and intense competition in the field of hospitality doing bookings, reservations and management of the hotel manually has become a thing of the past. Keeping up with the changing trends Property Management System software is increasingly becoming the new facet of the hospitality industry. Big, small or a medium sized hotel everyone is catching up with trend fast in their quest for survival. It allows you to effectively manage the front office capabilities like making reservations and monitoring the guest check in and checkout timings seamlessly. Not only this, the software impacts the house keeping and other services equally. Since a PMS system is going to be the centre hub of all your operations selecting the right system is very crucial. While selecting a system always look for the following core functionalities.

Managing the Core Functionalities

The system should be capable of managing the day to day affairs of the business effectively. These include various tasks like looking after reservations, accounting of check-in and check-out time of the guests, allotting rooms and keeping a track of the billing. Only having the features is not sufficient but having an easy to use interface is also equally important for the staff to carry out operations seamlessly. The PMS should efficiently integrate with other technologies like the door lock encoding systems

hotel pms

Global Connectivity

There are many travel portals available today online which allows the customers to compare and book hotels from anywhere in the world. Hence connectivity with such portals and websites is imperative. While buying a PMS software see to it that it connects your hotel with the Global Distribution System or commonly known as GDS. This helps to have a larger customer base.

House Keeping Management

Other than a good booking and front desk experience what the customers look efficiency of the house keeping department. The PMS should have the capability of automating these services by assessing the requirements of the guests and deploying staff accordingly. This enhances the guest experience by ensuring that they are attended timely and the rooms are cleaned effectively.

Cost Effectiveness of the System

Before buying the system gauge how much you will be able to save by reducing staff and lessening the load on others. Also enquire how much cost would go in terms of maintenance and upgrade of the software. All these would directly impact your ROI in future.

Free Trial

There are a host of PMS software available today in the market hence evaluating the system to your satisfaction is important. Ensure that the system you are interested in offers a free trial as this would help you make an informed and educated decision. Each system has its own benefits and disadvantages choose one that suits your needs and is beneficial for your hotel.

Efficient Methods of Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

Parents would completely agree to the fact that keeping up with the kids is both exhausting and difficult. From the minute they leave their beds until they again climb up to their beds at night, they’re constantly doing something or the other. This can leave the parents exhausted and craving for rest from the continuous motion of the kids.

Nowadays the kids are completely leaned towards technology and the gadgets. Almost all the kids know how to use the internet on a computer and even own smartphones. Researches have shown that almost 95% of children know how to access the internet and 78% of the tweens and teens own a smartphone. These figures lay out the picture of how tech savvy the kids have become.

However, there are many disadvantages of these figures as well because kids having access to the Internet also have access to the dark web contents and the inappropriate content present on the internet as well. Knowing these potential threats lurking over a kid online can be anightmare for any parent but thankfully, there are some methods which can help the parents keep their kids safe from the online threats even when they are not around.

best parental control software

Here are some of the techniques that can help you reduce the risks of online dangers on your kid:

If your kid uses a smartphone with a data connection, then make sure that you set a limit for the data that can be used by your kid. There have been studies that have showed that limited data is an effective way of keeping your kid away from accessing things that they are not meant to.

Make sure you have all the electronics, like the PC and tablets in open rooms where anyone can visit at any time. This is studied to limit a kid’s negative interactions with the web. You child has the constant fear of someone watching over the back. This means that your kid is less likely to access sites that he is restricted to.

Make sure you teach your child or teen proper social media etiquettes. This will help your kid stay safe when accessing social media content.

Invest in the best parental monitoring software to make sure that you know what your kid is accessing online even if you’re not around. Having one of the best parental monitoring software also enables you to block the websites that you don’t want your kid to access.

Stay up to date on the current trends and try to know about the new applications that are available today. This will enable you to know what apps your kid uses and what are the uses of the application.

Make sure that you block the websites on the home network that you wish your kids shouldn’t access.

The top 5 parental control software advice that you should read

Let’s face it, Technology today gives us all the information that we need, with just a tap on the phone, a type on the keyboard and even voice we get the information needed and given to us right away as long as we are connected to the internet.

The best parental control software is subjective thought because there are a lot of apps right now that offers a few or many functions to use to your advantage, but at the end of the day it’s more about your preference and how it can fit your lifestyle and with that said, here are suggestions for you:

Get an app that can monitor a kid’s exact location

Now, this isn’t exactly an information blocking type of app but it does help to know where your kids are and if they do go to places that you restrict them to you would know via notification. So even if you’re away you can always know where your kids are.

best parental control software

A smart tracker to manage calls and manage it

You’re Kid now have phones and the next thing you want are strangers calling your kids. With this kind of a software you will be able to view and block numbers that you see risky and dangerous.

Get one that can help you access your kids messengers

Now eavesdropping might be a bad thing but if it’s your kids were talking about (little kids) it’s a whole different topic. Not all harm comes from websites they are also found in apps that have the ability to message your kids. Take control of that to make your kids safe from any strangers messaging them.

Get an app that can control programs and apps

Now there are apps that have adult-related ads and some are even for adults like (Tinder), you don’t want your kids to get those, so before they do have the ability to block those apps from being installed.

Get one that can restrict sites with dangerous information’s via a smart device

Now websites are very dangerous because it’s an open source to any information.  Using it right you can have vast amounts of information for your knowledge and skills advancement but since your kids still have a dim perception on that you still need to guide them and one of the things that can help you ensure that is thru these types of apps.

The dissemination and information today beats the time and effort in going to libraries only to find a definition for a word. But information on the internet is also unrestricted and we can all agree that surfing the internet isn’t all rainbows and ponies. There are a lot of things and the vast majority of it are things that your kids at their age shouldn’t watch.

Instead of restricting your kids to watch their movies afraid having a censored pop-up ad or your kids accidentally searched a wrong keyword while browsing the internet and always have this “any moment heart attack” if you see something bad on their screen then how about you a get a good parental control software to put you at ease?

Getting best Table Saw Fence – a know how

Need an upgrade for your saw that ensures precise cutting? Then Vega Pro 40 table is the best for you, this table fence is available at a very reasonable price and offers exceptional performance. For simple use, Table Saw Fence is designed in a way to fit all table saws with some minor adjustments. It was specially designed to utilize existing bolt holes which require no drilling of Delta Unisaws and Contractor Saws. Little precision is required as the fence mounting system offers exceptional adjustment. Installation can take as maximum as 15 minutes.

Product Features

Some basic features of Table Saw Fence are as follows

  • Use existing holes for Contractor, Delta Unisaw, Sear 10-Inch Saws, and Powermatic 66
  • Fence mounting system allows full adjustment for ultimate precision
  • 40 inch right and 10 inches left of blade
  • Micro adjustment and incredible table support
  • Guide rails are reinforced by brackets with 2-1/2-inch fence altitude


This table saw fence is manufactured by keeping professional woodcutters in mind, it is naturally rugged and offers high durability. It is refined carefully to offer well-and-good cuts. It offers great help using 10-12 inches’ saws that can come handy for commercial and heavy operations. It holds a 40-inch rip potential to right side and 10-inch rip capacity to the left.

Vega Table Saw Fence

Expeditious Setup

Table Saw fences are easy to install. For better reliability, each fence is created in such a way to use existing bolt holes for direct installation. You need not worry about drilling new holes in the table. Also, Vega Fence Saw Table offers an incredible mounting system for better accuracy with less effort.

Micro Adjustment and Table Support

This feature provides 100% accuracy to cuts thus complete the precision appeal of many people. It provides great table support and can be moved using a threaded rod to each direction.

Pros and Cons


  • A quick and simple setup
  • Provides complete accuracy to cuts
  • Efficient scale and provides simple rip width use
  • Solid and durable
  • Quick installation
  • Reliable micro adjustment feature
  • Sue table saw jigs
  • Use existing bolt holes for installation
  • Can be moved in each direction for better cuts


  • Complex working principle
  • Ending on this table fence isn’t that effective at all

Pros and cons better describe public’s opinion about this product. They have been originally outsourced from customer’s reviews.

Overall thoughts

Table Saw Fence is an excellent product for several applications. It is a highly durable, reliable, and precise cutting machine to provide pro results to contractors with prolonged accuracy and performance.

Vega PRO 40 Table Saw Fence System

Vega PRO 40 Table Saw Fence System

Carpentry is all about precision. Whether it is nailing, cutting or fitting, everything boils down to measurements. That is why you need tools that will enable you to get the right measurements. The most basic part of it all is cutting. Once you have all the wood you need, you can cut them down to all the right measurements you need. In order to achieve that, you require the Vega PRO 40 Table Saw Fence System.

The Vega PRO 40 Table Saw Fence System is a must-have for any contractor whether large-scale or small-scale. It is also necessary for handy men who like to take care of all their furniture-related problems around the house. If you are a self-professed carpentry enthusiast with a small workshop at your garage, you will definitely find a couple of ways to put this machine to good use.

Vega PRO 40 Fence


Let’s get into its outstanding features. First of all, it is one of the easiest equipment to install. The table saw comes with existing bolt holes that enables everything to fit right in like a jigsaw puzzle. It also comes with a fence mounting system that practically does half of the work for you. It offers great flexibility when it comes to table saw types. You can basically fit it with any of the saws found in the market. Depending on the type of task you want to accomplish, you can switch the table saw and still get the most accurate cutting. The reason it has such diversity is that it was built to fit all types of woodworkers. It is a machine made from the woodworker’s point of view. It is masculine and rugged and at the same time smooth and well-defined. Most importantly, its accuracy is unmatched. It has a rip capacity of 10 inches to the left and 40 inches to the right.

Pros and Cons

This fence system comes with so many advantages. The pre-drilled bolt holes make it possible to install the system in less than 15 minutes. It has an excellent locking mechanism. It also has a great accuracy level and is very high quality. However, there are those who argue that it comes with some very hard installation and usage instructions plus its finishing is not that satisfactory.

Regardless, the Vega PRO 40 Fence System is definitely a worthy equipment. It is very high-quality and does all the work as it is supposed to.