Save Electricity and Cut Cost

You can use renewable energy to power your home, either by purchasing “green power“—electricity generated using renewable energy, or by installing a small renewable energy system. Using a small renewable energy system can help you lower your electricity costs, achieve energy independence, and reduce pollution. Learn your options for buying clean electricity, as well as how to plan for your own small wind, solar, or micro hydropower systems.

Renewable Electricity

You can take advantage of clean, renewable energy by buying “green power” or by making your own electricity with a small home renewable energy system. Learn the purchasing options available in your area, or learn how to plan your own system and choose the right technology for your location and electricity needs.

Billig strøm

Smart Meters

Millions of smart meters have been installed across the country. Smart meters provide two-way communication between you and your utility, helping your utility know about blackouts, for example. This helps utilities to maintain more reliable electrical service.

Smart meters can be used with home energy management systems such as Web-based tools that your utility provides or devices that can be installed in your home. Smart meters can display your home energy use, help you find ways to save energy and money, and even allow you to remotely adjust your thermostat or turn appliances off.

Appliance and Cutting cost

Reducing energy use in your home saves you money, increases our energy security, and reduces the pollution that is emitted from non-renewable sources of energy. If you are planning to install a small renewable energy system to make your own electricity, such as a solar electric system or small wind turbine, reducing your electricity loads is the first step—saving you money by allowing you to purchase a smaller system.

There are many ways you can reduce electricity use in your home:

  • Appliances and electronics — Purchase energy-efficient products and operate them efficiently. Use an advanced power strip to reduce “vampire loads”–electricity that is wasted when electronics are not in use.
  • Lighting — Purchase energy-efficient products, operate them efficiently, and incorporate more daylighting into your home using energy-efficient windows and skylights.
  • Electric space heating and cooling — Purchase energy-efficient electric systems and operate them efficiently. Incorporate passive solar design concepts into your home, which include using energy-efficient windows. Properly insulate and air seal your home. Select an energy-efficient heating system that doesn’t use electricity.
  • Electric water heating — Purchase an energy-efficient electric water heater and operate it efficiently. Or select an energy-efficient water heater that doesn’t use electricity.

To improve the overall energy efficiency of your home

Learn more about your billing in Billig strøm by Strømtest, with these you can gauge whether it’s time to change your source and help save our electricity.

The Effects of Air Pollution on Our Planet

Eliminating weeds through the use of chemicals, continuous exhausts from factories and industries, the burning of fossil fuels, endless and careless mining operations, and the use of common household cleaning products such as aerosol sprays – these are but a few of the many causes of air pollution in our world.

While some might look harmless enough that it won’t affect the environment and the atmosphere too much, remember this – a small stone can create large ripples in a still lake. In other words, even though it might look like a small source of pollution, the effects can take place in the long-term. Here are some of the effects of air pollution that you should never forget.

air pollution

Problems in the Heart and Respiratory System

Perhaps one of the most obvious effects of air pollution is for life to have difficulty breathing clean air. It’s not just humans who are coughing, having difficulty breathing, and having asthma attacks because of the dirty air we breathe, but plant and animal life as well. Furthermore, this can even lead to further complications such as heart conditions. It can even lead to life-threatening ailments like Cancer. There are already plenty of evidence that dictates people and other life dying from sickness brought about by continuous inhaling of polluted air.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Despite some people might deny it, global warming and climate change are definitely happening, and it’s our fault why it’s occurring in the first place. Global warming depicts the current state of the polar ice caps to melt at a rapid rate. In turn, this makes the water levels of different bodies of water to rise and for temperature levels to be brought to new heights in particular areas around the globe. Some locations might feel the sweltering heat coming from the sun in recent times to the point that it can melt sheets of metal and asphalt.

Acid Rain

When harmful gases such as sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides get mixed into the atmosphere, it can combine with rain clouds thus forming acid rain. When water mixed with harmful chemicals gets released into the atmosphere, it can cause burns and heavy damage to anything it touches. Damages incurred by acid rains can affect humans, wildlife, plants, and even buildings.

Make no mistake – the effects of air pollution might still seem insignificant in some areas of the globe, but if we don’t do anything about it, we’re going to suffer dearly in the long run.

Terrifying Effects of Indoor Air Pollution on Your Health

Indoor air pollution puts your health at serious risk. Continued exposure makes you even more vulnerable to infections and diseases. It can worsen any existing condition you might have. This is particularly true if you suffer from asthma as well as any cardiac and respiratory ailment.

Children particularly infants whose respiratory systems have yet to attain maturity are at greater risk. The World Health Organization considers the problem as the leading cause behind millions of premature deaths worldwide in recent years.

What is Indoor Air Pollution?

If you think you’re safe inside your home because you’re away from pollution, think again. Chances are the term air pollution would conjure up images of factories with smoke stacks. In addition, you’ll like think of cars with its exhaust pipes blowing out smoke. Indeed, these factors contribute a lot to polluting the outdoors. Yet pollutants also exist inside your home or office. Hence, the term indoor air pollution.

air pollution

High concentrations of pollutants in an enclosed area can bring about serious health problems. However, its effect can some of us tend to dismiss its effects as a common allergy without considering the possibility of a more serious threat. The threat of indoor air pollution is greater among women and children. This is because they spend the most time at home.

Identifying Contaminants within Your Home

Contaminants affecting the quality of your environment indoors cover a wide range of types. Smoke from tobacco and cigarette use is a primary example. Smoke can also come from the use of traditional cooking stoves. This is rampant in developing countries where families continue to rely on charcoal or wood to prepare their meals.

The carbon monoxide produced and the fine particles released into the environment surpass the levels considered safe for dwellings. Mold releases spores into the air and exposure can trigger an allergic reaction.

More Facts about Indoor Air Pollution

Additional information from the World Health Organization reveals interesting yet startling details about the effects of indoor air pollution.

The practice of cooking with solid fuels can be linked to more than four million sudden deaths brought about by an illness.

Children below the age of five who passed away due to pneumonia might have been due to the inhalation of soot or particulate matter.

Continued exposure to household air pollution can be linked to the number of premature deaths annually. This is because its effect can easily worsen a person’s existing health condition since their resistance is already weakened.

4 Necessary Forest Land Conversions

4 Necessary Forest Land Conversions

Do you know why forests are being cut or burned down? It is not always about getting the wood products that we need. That is only one of the reasons why deforestation is done. It is not only the wood products that we need but also the space that will offer from a cleared out area.

This space will open opportunities in building some essential facilities that we need to live comfortably. These facilities are not only sources of livelihood but also sources of food. Here are four forest land conversions that are really necessary.

Agricultural Fields

We need food. We need crops not only to eat but also to create crop based products such as oil, clothing and more. However, we cannot grow crops in the forests. We need vast lands to grow crops on. Therefore, we need to cut down trees to make agricultural fields.

Causes of deforestation


Roads are everywhere and very essential to everyday life. Whether it is a simple pathway or a fully cemented road, it is still important. We used these not only for our own transportation but also for the quick transportation of food, equipment or other products. Of course, a very long clear land across the country and even road connectors need space to be built. Therefore, trees that will hinder the path of the road are cut down.

Livestock Farms

Livestock includes cows, chickens, pigs, goats, ducks, and sheep. We need livestock for lots of purposes but the top reason is for food. We need land spaces that are far from the cities to give this livestock a healthy place to be raised in. Forests are also not a good breeding place for livestock so it has to be cleared out. Livestock needs a vast grassland for them to walk around, feed and multiply.


We not only need food and other products. We also need places to live, to work, to develop and to dwell in. We need to build urbanized villages, towns, cities, states and a country. We need spaces to build houses to live in. We need schools and university to study in. We need government facilities such as fire stations, electricity plants, police stations, city halls, water supply plant and so much more. Urbanization needs a lot of spaces and clearing out a few forest can help achieve these.

It is important to know that these forest conversions are highly important for human beings. However, it does not necessarily mean that we use these as reasons to clear out a forest. We can achieve urbanization without forsaking our forests.

Destroying forests, destroying innocent lives

There is only one planet where humans live in peace. Sure, humans are in peace but not the environment. The Earth is slowly dying due to the fact that most people are selfish and choose to not face the truth. Deforestation is one of the leading causes as to why there are no homes for the animals, and it is to make the land available for other uses like houses and commercial buildings that will go decrepit in the many years to come.

There are many causes of deforestation that one must not take for granted because as the leading animal on Earth, humans should know better than not to pollute and destroy the environment and that includes cutting down trees and killing animals. And what’s worse is that about half of the world’s tropical forests have been cleared due to deforestation. That’s a lot and it’s so sad to think about all the animals and their homes that have been sacrificed for human beings pleasure.

Causes of deforestation

Sad Effects of Deforestation

One is loss of species due to deforestation. Seventy percent of the world’s plants and animals live in forests and are losing their habitats to deforestation, according to National Geographic. Loss of habitat can lead to species extinction. It also has negative consequences for medicinal research and local populations who rely on the animals and plants in the forests for hunting and medicine. Soil erosion is also one terrible effect. Tree roots anchor the soil. Without trees, the soil is free to wash or blow away, which can lead to vegetation growth problems. The WWF states that scientists estimate that a third of the world’s arable land has been lost to deforestation since 1960. After a clear cutting, cash crops like coffee, soy and palm oil are planted. Planting these types of trees can cause further soil erosion because their roots cannot hold onto the soil.

Deforestation and Climate Change

It is likely that changing temperature and precipitation patterns will produce a strong direct impact on both natural and modified forests. Studies and simulations predict a polar-ward movement in forest ranges but exact impacts can only be estimated and show a high degree of regional variability. Some species will thrive, others decline markedly.Fires, insects, pathogens, and extreme events will all be affected by changes in climate. For the forest, the climate change-induced modifications of frequency and intensity of forest wildfires, outbreaks of insects and pathogens, and extreme events such as high winds, may be more important than the direct impact of higher temperatures and elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

Human Overpopulation is causing Deforestation

Rising demand has created incentives to convert forests to farmland and pasture land. Once a forest is lost to agriculture, it is usually gone forever, along with many of the plants and animals that once lived there.

There are a lot of causes that have not been mentioned that can literally kill all the tropical forests left in the world. What humans don’t want to understand and face is that it can kill the only planet that is safe for people and the next generation. When will humans change for the better? When all is lost? It’s better to do what’s best now and that is to voice out.

DIY Halloween costumes

DIY Halloween costumes

When it comes to Halloween it is time to spend lot of time googling about DIY costume ideas. It is not easy to make a unique and attractive costume all the time. Everyone with for most amazing, creative costumes and hence they start digging up every corner of the Internet. Here are some ideas which can be done by spending least time.

DIY Halloween costumes:

Do something with Jelly beans:

Among all this costume idea will result in sweetest outfit. One must have a trash bag for this costume. In this trash bag make holes for your legs and hands to fit in. This will look similar to candy bags. For the jellybeans, one must fill this bag with multi colored balloons. Using a ribbon one can tie up this bag near neck.

Life hack

Ghost like costume:

This is one among the easiest costumes that can be made. Things need for this is just an old bed sheet. It is better if it is a white one and next thing is to make 2 holes in this bed sheet. These 2 holes are small enough since they are for eyes. When cutting be careful since it should look like a holy ghost. Remaining sheet must be dressed with some suitable makeup. The place where the mouth comes one must wear lipstick there and cheeks must also be done with some color or makeup.

The riveter

One can dress up completely like a cultural icon. Have some name for this and this will also look like a symbol of feminism. One must have a denim top or any long sleeved top for this. Sleeves must be rolled till elbow. Around the head one must tie bandana preferably red in color. Hair must be tied up. To complete this costume one must wear 1940s makeup. Will all these it is done.

Dress up like a fortune-teller:

One can use gypsy magic to impress someone. It will be fun roaming around telling fortunes for others. This costume demands a shawl to drape the shoulders, long skirt, sparkly top, and a head scarf. Along with these one must also wear flashy jewelry and lot of gold. One must have ideas for funny fortunes for their family and friends. Along with these preparations, one most important thing is having a mysterious smile on the face. This is very important.

Be a Nerd:

One can think of a geeky and homemade costume. This will give a nerd look. To heighten the geek effect one must wear a glass. It is better if it has a bandage in the middle. Wearing suspenders will give an excellent look for the nerd costume. Pant or skirt should be pulled up high. Tucking the shirt into pant or skirt will give great look. If there are pockets then keep either calculator or pens in it.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do on the First Day of School

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do on the First Day of School

It’s back to school again. Whether you are a new student at your school or an old student returning, the first day of school will always be a new day. There will be new things around you and you will feel a sense of estrangement. There are things that you wanted to do on the first day of school, like making new friends or meeting up with old friends. However, there are also things you should not do on the first day of school. These may be very little things but these things can have a big impact on you and on your entire school year. So here are 5 things you shouldn’t do on the first day of school.


You might be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t that what is school is all about?”. Well not on the first day of school. If you plan to start studying in the library at your free time on the first day, well, there are things you should be doing. After all, that is what you’ll be doing for the entire school year so why not save it for the other remaining days. Just declare the first day as a No-Study day and just have fun and socialize.

Back To School

Keeping to Yourself

This is not a good thing to do especially if you are a new student. Start making friends on the first day. It is good to have a good buddy around not only on the first day but also for the entire year of your stay at your school.

Being Late

This is one of the worst things you can do on the first day of school. Showing up late on the first day of school is not a good impression that you will make for your teacher. Your teacher will remember you and will always expect that you will be late for class. So in short, be early so you will not be branded as “The Tardy One”.


Whatever happens, even if you were called off by someone or you got hurt physically or emotionally, never cry. Those who will see you do so will think that you are a weakling, very sensitive and someone with problems. People will try to stay away from you, especially since the first day of school always has some good vibes so they will tend to refrain from bad vibes which is you.

Starting a Fight

School, of course, is not a war zone so fighting is strictly prohibited. But starting a fight on the first day of school is an offense with greater consequences. Your fellow students will think you are a troublemaker and they will stay away from you. Your teachers, of course, will definitely be mad and would have you disciplined on the first day. Being brought to the guidance office on the first day is simply not a good thing that you would want everybody to remember.

Just keep in mind that whatever you do on the first day of school, will be what everyone will remember about you for an entire year or so. So give them all a good first impression and you will just have a fine school year.

Portable Restrooms - Relieve Yourself No Matter Where You Are

Portable Restrooms – Relieve Yourself No Matter Where You Are

The portable restroom is a place where any person on not finding a place to relieve himself, goes to and relieves himself. Then he may go about doing his work, without a care in the world as to where the portable restroom came from. This is how remote construction sites use a portable restroom.

Portable restrooms were created with an intention of providing restrooms in remote locations, locations where restrooms are unavailable or are not enough and place where this is the best method to allow the public to relieve themselves.

Portable restrooms are found in many places and are especially popular in deserts, mountain areas, trailer parks and other such similar places. For example at a trailer park – where people are living in a trailer and restrooms are not available, it is a bad idea to then keep relieving yourself behind a tree. Thus the utility of a portable restroom comes to the fore.

portable restroom rentals

What is inside a Portable Restroom ?

The standard portable bathroom has a non-flush toilet that comes with added amenities with this standard package such as a hand wash station that will contain soap and water. It is considered perfect for construction sites too with strength of small to medium size. It also has a urinal built into the module. The floor is provided with a non-slip floor that prevents any unforeseen accidents from taking place in the toilet module. The toilets are provided with a seat cover for added convenience. The toilet paper is provided and a paper towel dispenser.

Where to buy or rent a Portable Restroom?

Not only has this concept gained momentum and gained acceptance in developed countries like America, Europe or Australia but even in developing countries where logically too it should be a hit since there is a greater absence of these amenities.

There are several types of portable bathrooms available in the market and can be easily acquired through an e-commerce website such as Amazon or eBay. The websites will display many options to choose from regarding the quality and quantity of the product. Some may offer bulk discounts, while others may offer premium cost reductions to garner goodwill.

Thus, it is easy to fathom that portable restrooms are one more item that adds to the list of convenience amenities that have made the human living experience a more convenient and simpler affair.

The advantages of using portable building toilets

The construction business can be very profitable, but it can also be a challenge. You must take into account the needs of the client. You must be aware of the rules and regulations that you are obliged to comply with. Also, safety should be the main thing on the list. At the same time, you must find ways to keep employees happy so they do an excellent job.

Providing customers with the basics while they are in construction is very important. A mobile trailer where you can rest, have coffee, and even have a refrigerator for your lunch would be a nice touch. You can live without all of this, but you may enjoy your work more if you have one.

However, something essential that cannot miss is the bathroom. Portable toilets should always be placed for construction. The number needed will depend on the size of your computer. Get at least a couple of them so workers are not queuing to use one. Depending on the size of the work, place them strategically instead of all in one location. This will allow easier access when employees need to use them.

portable restroom rentals

These portable toilets can be rented for the duration of the work. The project can be for only a few days or can be for several weeks. They can also be rented for several months if you need it. Make some calls to know the price. Discounts are often offered when renting for long periods versus a daily rate.Portable restroom rentals help to make renting of portable toilets easy.

When renting portable toilets, they are often sent to the building site. They can also be collected when the construction is completed. If this is completed in advance, you can contact the provider to change the collection date. Likewise, if production has been delayed and you need portable toilets for a little longer, you can also get that flexibility.

There are portable toilets specifically designed to be loaded by a trailer. They can be easily placed in these vehicles, securing them and then can be relocated to a new location. They can be transported together with the construction equipment. Check the options to see which one will work best for your business.

Likewise, it considers offering stations to wash the hands. Construction is hard work and the hands are going to get dirty. Employees will appreciate having a place to wash their hands when they need it. Not only after using the bathroom, but also before lunch and when they have been working with certain materials. These are benefits you can offer and they will demonstrate to the workers who care for them. This will influence the morale of the workers and, in addition, will reduce the spread of germs in the work.

Of course, if you have continuous construction jobs, you will need to provide portable toilets on a regular basis. Perhaps you may find it more profitable to look for portable restrooms for sale. You can buy them for a decent price and then take them to the various construction sites.

Lie Detector – Reliable Tools to Detect Deception and Lies

Lie detection widely known as the polygraph test is commonly used by the law enforcement agencies across the world.  The test was first invented in the year 1921 by a medical student named John Larson at the University of California. This is generally a questioning technique that is coupled with technology to access the truth and falsehood of the response by measuring the psychological indices of the subject. The lie detector instrument generally consists of a psychological recorder that mainly measures the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate and skin conductivity of the subject in response to a particular question. Earlier the lie detector test was done to modernize criminal investigation but today it is also being used to screen potential employees in many organizations.

Now how exactly does a polygraph test work? Generally the lie detector machine used for the test constitutes of certain sensors which are attached to the subject. Like the pneumographs attached to the machine are sticked to the subject’s chest to assess the breathing rate. The blood pressure cuffs help measure the heart rate and blood pressure. Finally the electrodes attached to the finger tips of the subject give the measure of skin conductivity. With all the sensors in place the lie detector test is carried out by recording the signals on a single strip of moving paper for further analysis.

lie detector

Before starting with the test the questioner asks a few simple questions to study the answering pattern of the subject. The real test only begins once the preliminary examination is done satisfactorily. If at a given time during the test significant changes are seen in the heart rate or breathing or excessive sweating in the subject it implies that he may be lying. Lie Detector is one of the most reliable tools to detect deception and lies.

Performing a lie detection test involves certain challenges as well.

The examination which happens when doing the polygraph test will help in uncover the truth about the employees and family members who are subjected.

  • Before beginning the test any kind of tense atmosphere can affect the outcome of the test.
  • The sensors are generally wrapped around the body and fingers as a result of which the subject can experience more anxiety than normal.
  • If the subject experiences increased anxiety levels then the time frame of the test also increases.
  • A lie detection machine cannot be 100% accurate. Chances are that the subject might deceive the examiner by projecting controlled emotions.
  • The success or failure of the test depends on the skill of the examiner. The test relies on the subjective interpretations of the recorded measurements. Hence the risk of innocent people being labelled as deceptive is equally there.