Why Touch Typing Matters

Why Touch Typing Matters

Want your kids to have an interactive learning experience while not getting bored? Want to make sure that they are getting the right knowledge at home? Want them to know the basics of keyboard typing without forcing them to finish on time? Then you must be looking for Dance Mat Typing. It is a fun way to get your kids to learn something that they will make use in the future. (click here to find out)

It introduces them to different typing levels that would really get them hooked up, in the right way. Having fun is also important because kids have different mind sets and behaviours and they could a tantrum anytime so it’s best you get them to concentrate on something that they will interact to. Parents have a hard time looking for games and activities that will last a long time for their child to not get bored right away, that’s where you realize that Dance Mat Typing is the perfect one for you.


Different Key Strokes

Keyboards are very difficult to understand especially if it’s a child looking at it because of the many letters and numbers that are being handed to them like a plate of vegetables. Guiding them slowly is favourable that’s why these typing games help them understand the different fingers used to push the letters. The hard ones will be taught in the later stages if they could assess that the child has already gotten the bigger picture. Sooner or later, you’ll be surprised at how far he has gotten.

The Correct Hand and Finger Positions

The main reason why kids need to learn the correct way in typing is in order to develop an important set of skill that you’ll get to use in the future. Also, almost everything that we do is in the computer. These types of skills can get you a prominent job in a decent enough company and it’s a big asset if you are a web developer. Your child will most likely complete his/her job quickly, get a lot more tasks achieved in a limited time, do twice the jobs he/she usually handles in a month, and have a lot of time to think about his/her next projects. The way your brain thinks should correspond to how fast you can type so that you can do it simultaneously without it hitch. It’s the best way to train your child early one because when he/she goes to high school, most of their project will be done in the computer given how fast technology is rising today.

Everything is clear now with Touch typing

Learning how to type without looking at the keyboard feels so magical because of how coordinated your fingers and mind are. This helps stimulate your nerves and senses and can give you a lot of time in doing your work. If your child learns how to touch type, it would be a great benefit for their age.

These are just some of the things that everybody should know why touch typing is a great skill. It can be a great profit in a child’s life and will help them look for a better job in the future just because of a skill that some people think is a nonsense.

Teaching Children the Basics of Typing Using a Keyboard

Even if you deny it, you can’t escape the fact that computers changed the face of how lessons are taught in schools. Now, being computer literate is deemed to be just as important as learning the basics of handwriting. Of course, there’s always going to be homework handed out to children before they go home, but now there’s a better chance of those assignments being done on a computer instead of a piece of paper.

Now that computers are more prevalent in just about every sphere of life, this is indeed a welcoming change. Teaching children the basics of typing with the use of a keyboard promotes numerous benefits that can enhance skills which they can use later on in their lives.

Children Who Start Learning Typing During Their Teen Years Have a Higher Chance of Developing Poor Typing Habits

When children at the age of 7 or 8, this is the time when they start to enhance their motor skills. It is at this time when kids can isolate the movement of different fingers. It is also at this age range wherein children starts to grasp more information about the world around them. Parents, guardians, and educators that delay in teaching their child the basics of typing on a keyboard will find that the kid will have difficulty typing in the future. Some teens might still use the “hunt-and-peck” method of typing because of a delayed approach to learning how to type.


What is the Hunt-and-Peck Typing Technique?

Simply speaking, the person using the “hunt-and-peck” typing method will “hunt” for the keyboard key first and then “peck” on it with their finger. While it might seem like the “normal” way of typing, it impedes with the natural flow of the person’s thoughts trying to make the most out of the typing experience. Touch typing, on the other hand, allows the typist to relay their thoughts onto their fingers without slowing down thought processes. In turn, it allows the person to facilitate to acquire better learning while improving typing efficiency.

The Importance of Touch Typing Increases as Assignments Become Longer

Let’s say one of your child’s teachers requires a 400-word essay to be passed the next day; if your child still uses the “hunt-and-peck” method of typing, then it’s going to take them a long while just to finish that one homework. Now, what if other teachers will assign their own homework to your child? If the kid still doesn’t know how to properly place their fingers on the keyboard and start typing away their thoughts, then they might not have enough rest for the night.

Children Who Spend Less Time in Front of a Computer Practices Healthy Typing Methods

It’s pretty obvious for most people that the less time you spend in front of the computer, the lesser chances you’ll get in acquiring the negative side effects of spending long hours in front of the device. Children can also learn proper posture when they properly type on a computer keyboard.

Let your child learn to type at an early age, and they won’t have any problems dealing with certain homework that requires a computer once they reach high school or college. The skills they learn in typing at a young age might even carry over as soon as they head off to the corporate world.

Learning Beyond The Book

Learning Beyond The Book

Do you know what learning fatigue is? Even if you’ve never heard of that term I am so sure that you’ve felt it. It’s that feeling of having consumed so much information and content that your head suddenly feels 10 pounds heavier. It might have been when you were pulling an all-nighter and studying till the early hours of the morning for a test the next day. Or it might have been after a long day of class when you were doing nothing but scribbling on your notebook to take down what seems like a hundred pages of just notes. Everyone loves to learn but there’s a way to do it that can be fun or that can lead to burnout. Education shouldn’t just be confined to the walls of a classroom but can be found in any place you look. If you search hard enough, you might find more than you expect.

Making Education Engaging

The best way to learn is to do it in a way that’s engaging and fun for everyone. Reading pages and pages of books is the traditional way. But playing educational-centered games is an alternative method. Let’s use a common subject as an example, geography. Everyone at some point in their lives must learn about the world. Whether you like it or not, if you’re going to school then most likely you’re learning geography. It can be overwhelming with just the sheer number of facts people have to memorize. With so many different types of rocks, minerals, and land formations it’s easy to get lost. But there are ways to learn about it and not get bored in the process. Using the internet there are numerous sites where they hold useful and relevant information as well as tests and games that are fun to play. There’s even an Earth quiz to test how well you’ve been paying attention. The best part is it shows you how what’s going on in the world is relevant to you and how you can help.

planet quiz

Going the Website Way

A lot of students use visuals as tools to help them learn. They absorb more when They actually see what they’re learning beyond just words. The great thing about visiting websites that make education fun to learn is that it’s not just a regular textbook. There are videos, photos, and fun games that can be found with the objective of helping us learn. It just needs our time and creativity to look outside of just our books. One example is the Save Earth website. Unlike your textbook it gives you a snapshot of only the most relevant facts about the Earth. There are eye-catching quizzes as well so that you can retain whatever information you read about.

Digging Deep for Data

Going beyond the book can help us shake off that feeling of boredom and of course, fatigue. Using the Internet as a tool can have tremendous benefits to our learning capacity. Unlike a textbook, it can give you the most up to date information on what’s going on with the world. Once textbooks are printed there’s not changing the facts that they contain. And with a changing world like ours, it is important to engage ourselves with only the latest data.

Know your earth with earth quiz

The earth is a very vast place and it is the only place in the entire universe that has been known to support human life. We know so much about our beautiful planet that is nestled in the Solar System in the galaxy called the Milky Way. We may feel that our geography class has taught us enough about our planet earth but there are so many interesting facts we do not actually know. If you are enthusiastic to know this, then you can read lots of books that are available maybe in the library or elsewhere that has got lots of insight on our planet, but if you want to know the level of knowledge that you have and if you want to test it, then it’s time you tried the earth quiz.

Earth quiz

Some insight on the earth quiz:

Let’s get some more insight on how the earth quiz can help us improve our knowledge about our beautiful planet. Actually quizzes have been conducted in many forms and they are type of game which requires us to use our mind and we have to answer the questions put forth to us in the form of a game. You can feel the spirit of a game and competition as well as you can improve your knowledge while you keep testing how much you actually know about the earth. Some people don’t interest themselves with reading books and trying to gain knowledge. So if they took to being an audience in any of these quizzes, they can gain some knowledge and they can also participate in such quiz competitions. Most schools all over the world conduct earth quiz to help their students become more familiar with the unknown facts about the earth.

What are the general topics that can be expected to be asked?

When you are a participant in an earth quiz you can expect to find yourself being asked questions that involve some unusual facts about the earth. You can be asked about the coldest place on the earth or the hottest place on the earth or some other facts that involve some extreme conditions on the earth. The questions are mostly based on your standard of education and based on your age and so on. There are many competitions involving the earth which are being conducted all over the world which you can participate in and enjoy.

Role of the PHR Test – How HR Professionals benefit

Role of the PHR Test – How HR Professionals benefit

Like every other industry sector, Human Resource Management professionals are also required to get certified. It is now a requirement with many companies. PHR certification is much harder to get and every HR professional would benefit by getting it. This certification commands respect across the board in an organization. The best part is that one doesn’t require a University education to get certified. The ability to maintain this certification is another matter – professionals have to get recertified every 3 years to stay up to date. Take the PHR sample test to begin with.

What HR professionals can look forward to?

PHR certification is issued by the HCRI – Human Resources Certification Institute. There are several levels of certification offered by the Institute.

  • aPHR
  • PHR
  • SPHR
  • GPHR
  • PHRi
  • GPHRi

Professionals working in this field will be able to do well with about 4 years of experience in devising and implementing HR strategies. All you need to do is to get started here with the PHR sample test.

HRCI practice tests

What to expect from the test? Here’s a sneak peak of the test and the certification

Once a professional get certified, they have to get recertified so that their skills and knowledge are up to date. The test is 3 hours long and consists of 175 multiple choice questions, which cover a range of subjects. The reason recertification is important is that every organization’s HR guidelines change and so does the test.  Labor laws also change in each country and it is an HR professional’s job to stay informed, so that employer and employee rights are protected.

HR professionals can also participate in seminars and workshops to find new and better ways to deal with employees. Continuing education also gives them a broader view of initiatives undertaken by industry sectors. More than ever, employers are looking for professionals, who are well versed in HR practices, so that they can improve processes and also work confidently in any size organization.

Any HR professional with a PHR or other certification has accredited credentials, which are critical to validate expertise in this field. It also offers access to a network of professionals across the globe – at their level or even higher. Certification offers the following benefits

  • It requires work experience in this particular field along with competency
  • Through recertification, professionals can stay current with the changes in industry
  • Professionals can get the requisite experience, education and also take tests to ensure a valid status

The importance of any industry related test cannot be underestimated and companies are recognizing the need to hire professionals. Anyone interested in this field should consider their options and then embark on their chosen path through certification.

All about HRCI certification for career advancement in HR role

All about HRCI certification for career advancement in HR role

As organizational started growing, for better maintenance and control on the system, it got divided functionally. People performing various activities with one objective come under one function. As all employees working for improvement of sale comes under marketing department. People who work for the welfare are employee and employer comes under Human resource department. Here is a knowhow and all about HRCI certification for career advancement in HR role with the HRCI practice tests.

Previously Human Resource department used to play a minor role in organizations. But with the growth of the enterprise HR department started occupying a prominent. The role of HR is to work towards protecting the interest of an employee and should take part in the strategic decisions made by the organization. In this situation there are lots of job opportunities available in HR department. Companies are waiting to fill these positions with the right candidate.

Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) is a nonprofit organization for the betterment of HR as a department. It has its head quarts at USA. HRCI aimed to fill this gap between employer’s needs and skill sets of employees of HR department. It offers various types of certifications. They are Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR), Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), and Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR). These certifications are also available at international level. Prepare with the HRCI practice tests here.

HRCI practice tests

Process of getting certified

  • Get registered with HRCI by using your email id. Fill the applications by providing all the details about you.
  • Choose the examination type from aPHR, PHR, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi, SPHRi basing on your eligibility
  • After filling the details, submit and pay the examination fee which would be around $400 to $500 basing on type of examination.
  • Choose the date of examination and nearest prometric center nearby. Before the examination course material and practice tests are available to practices on HRCI. Many other sites are also providing HRCI practice test.
  • Take a valid Identity proof before appearing to examination center.
  • You can see the results immediately after completion of examinations and within 2-3 weeks you will get your valid score card.
  • If you are not satisfied with your score, you can retake the examination after few days.

This certification will help you in getting a job in HR profile. Businesses will get benefited by getting a right candidate to fill the gap.

If your job title is not on the list, select “999” on the application and upload an official job description that clearly demonstrates your responsibilities to be at the HR professional level and the appropriate years of professional HR work experience. Below is a list of approved position codes:

Get rid of your fear for maths with the best private tutor

Get rid of your fear for maths with the best private tutor

It is a common problem that students feel anxiety about Maths. It is only a feeling that students have but it is actually to do with practicing. In case there is a problem, a good tutor will help the child to build his confidence. All it needs it a clear understanding and practice if you want to score good marks because trained and specialized expert tutors will know the tips and tricks to develop the skills.

How can a tutor help?

  • Maths is the subject of practice and no mugging will help. There is a logical solution to every problem and to get to it, practice is essential. While spending time with the tutor, the tutor will help with tips and tricks to solve problems which will build confidence. When child is comfortable and gets the feeling of self-efficacy, there will be a decrease in fear and anxiety and their confidence gets boosted.
  • A good tutor will work by developing worksheets and assessments that will be helpful in strengthening the basic concepts. When the concepts are clear, there is always a chance to understand the skills required to get Maths right. A practice in basic skills and mental mathematics will improve their confidence and interest to learn more.


  • Encouraging the students to take a chance and risk will motivate them. Once they get through the tough problems, a good tutor will be able to show them that they can achieve things with hard work and practice. A personal one-to-one attention will also ensure that tutor understand the child and can develop practice sheets as per thestudent’s learning ability.
  • As the tutor builds confidence in the student, the students tend to ask more clarifications and doubts. If the concept is clearly explained to the student, this will build his skills.
  • Above all, a good tutor willTutors encourage positive thinking and avoid negative thinking. Making the student to understand that everything is possible with hard work. Anxiety is only a feelingand building a confidence will take the child to great extent. A good tutor will develop an enjoyment for thesubject which will result in developing a love for the subject. Teaching Maths in easy and understandable way will develop interest in students and love for the subject.

Look for tutoring services from online services where the child gets help to practice the basics and even understand the concepts in a step by step process. The experienced and expertise of the professional tutors will help the child excel in Maths.

Getting a tutor specialized in special concepts of Maths will help the child in the right way rather than getting a Maths tutor who himself might not be sure of the concepts taught.

To know your child needs a tutor

To know your child needs a tutor

Parents should know about their kid’s performance in the activities of the school and subjects. Upon growing, kids get into increased level of studies and of course the expectations of their family to get good grades; they cannot manage both. Thus kids will need an attention of a tutor for studying. Tutors are useful in studying with a discipline and also increase the stability in yourself with whole focus on you. There are some kids who perform well with the guidance of a teacher also the parents who have extra care for their kids will assign a tutor for their help in getting more benefits and perfection. Pursuing of tuitions is useful in increasing the grades to obtain the academic strength in the school and for future and have anxiety in going to school. Here are some reasons in depth for the child to need a tutor.

Falling of grades

All the students are of not some mentality and don’t have same ability. It is the most important thing parents and teachers should know about the kid. It is essential in supporting the kids in studying than scolding and competing with other students. All of them can score top grades with their way of studying. Like some can get good scores with the teaching of a teacher itself. Most of them will be average and dull in needing extra care. If the parents think their child can get well with the support of the tutor then they should try for it. The child may be good in one subject and bad in other subject which is the reasons for low grades. Then the parents should understand about the difficulty of the kid in that subject. So, take the help of a teacher or tutor in making the kid focus and practice well in improving in that subject.


Can’t manage the time

If the kid is having problems in completing the tasks and home work assigned by the teacher they cannot handle the pressure. The continuous postpone of the work leads to the sign of procrastination. At the end you will have more work and will have pressure in meeting deadlines of the activities and home work. The parent’s duty is to check the kid’s diary and make them to do their work. They can opt for tuitions if they can’t help in the subjects of the kid. Tutors with knowledge in the subject will assist the kid in improving the habit of studying, completing the home work in time and increase planning and time managing.

Tuitions should make the student not only understand the subject knowledge but also explain them in an interesting manner and increase their ability in gaining more than the subject.

How to apply for the scholarships online to study in UK

How to apply for the scholarships online to study in UK

Studying in UK has been the dream of various students who see it as prestigious stamp in their academic record. There are many of the ways in which you can reach out to study in UK and get an amazingly bright career which can help you a lot in the long run. Just have a look as to how you can get the scholarships online that can really provide you with some of the most of the valuable learning experience.

Just check out this information which can really provide you the things that you have been looking for.

Procedure to fill the form

Filling up the online scholarship application form for acquiring the scholarship remains a more complex method because you have to focus on the things that can really help you to move ahead in your career. When you fill up the form then you have to consider the status of the university in which you are applying. Let us check out that what are the factors which can actually help you out in boosting your chances of having the nice prospects for studying in uk.

You have to shortlist the universities in which you want to study and that is what is going to matter to you in the long run. First of all, you have to make sure that there are opportunities in acquiring the scholarship for the foreign students are really bright.


Zero-out the right website

If you have been trying hard to acquire admission in the college therein UK then do try to have a look on few of the websites that can actually make it really workable for you. There are various scholarship websites that can actually help you out to have the things that you have been looking for.

The information that you can acquire in the website is immense and there remains something that you may watch out for. For instance, there are various colleges that can provide you good scholarships and that is only going to make you have the things really interesting. On the websites, you may find various links that can really help you to have the admission where you can get promising websites.

Funding opportunity remains more of something that can actually provide you the opportunity to enable you to study there. On the websites, there are various schemes that you can find workable for you and if you have any trouble regarding the procedure then apply for scholarship online.

This makes you have a better approach in trying to have the things that you have been looking for and to come up with the flying colors of success in whatever you do. There are various sources of funding that you can watch out for and that is what remains of prime importance.

The funding aspect remains more of something that can really help you a lot in making things easier for you with the help of the scholarships uk.