Teaching Children the Basics of Typing Using a Keyboard

Even if you deny it, you can’t escape the fact that computers changed the face of how lessons are taught in schools. Now, being computer literate is deemed to be just as important as learning the basics of handwriting. Of course, there’s always going to be homework handed out to children before they go home, but now there’s a better chance of those assignments being done on a computer instead of a piece of paper.

Now that computers are more prevalent in just about every sphere of life, this is indeed a welcoming change. Teaching children the basics of typing with the use of a keyboard promotes numerous benefits that can enhance skills which they can use later on in their lives.

Children Who Start Learning Typing During Their Teen Years Have a Higher Chance of Developing Poor Typing Habits

When children at the age of 7 or 8, this is the time when they start to enhance their motor skills. It is at this time when kids can isolate the movement of different fingers. It is also at this age range wherein children starts to grasp more information about the world around them. Parents, guardians, and educators that delay in teaching their child the basics of typing on a keyboard will find that the kid will have difficulty typing in the future. Some teens might still use the “hunt-and-peck” method of typing because of a delayed approach to learning how to type.


What is the Hunt-and-Peck Typing Technique?

Simply speaking, the person using the “hunt-and-peck” typing method will “hunt” for the keyboard key first and then “peck” on it with their finger. While it might seem like the “normal” way of typing, it impedes with the natural flow of the person’s thoughts trying to make the most out of the typing experience. Touch typing, on the other hand, allows the typist to relay their thoughts onto their fingers without slowing down thought processes. In turn, it allows the person to facilitate to acquire better learning while improving typing efficiency.

The Importance of Touch Typing Increases as Assignments Become Longer

Let’s say one of your child’s teachers requires a 400-word essay to be passed the next day; if your child still uses the “hunt-and-peck” method of typing, then it’s going to take them a long while just to finish that one homework. Now, what if other teachers will assign their own homework to your child? If the kid still doesn’t know how to properly place their fingers on the keyboard and start typing away their thoughts, then they might not have enough rest for the night.

Children Who Spend Less Time in Front of a Computer Practices Healthy Typing Methods

It’s pretty obvious for most people that the less time you spend in front of the computer, the lesser chances you’ll get in acquiring the negative side effects of spending long hours in front of the device. Children can also learn proper posture when they properly type on a computer keyboard.

Let your child learn to type at an early age, and they won’t have any problems dealing with certain homework that requires a computer once they reach high school or college. The skills they learn in typing at a young age might even carry over as soon as they head off to the corporate world.

The Kayla Itsines Review—Is the BBG Workout worth trying?

 The Bikini Body Guide or the BBG Workout has everyone vying for that perfect abs in a bikini body but whether you should try the fitness program? Is it worth it? How much do you need to pay for it? If you have a number of similar questions poking every corner of your brain, do a simple thing-read the Kayla Itsines review online and mind you, you will find enough of them! The 23 year old personal trainer from Adelaide has managed to build an army of several thousand of women who have dedicated themselves to the cause of healthy eating and healthy living and giving confidence and self-esteem a chance. Many of them also chose to pen down their personal experience so several others can benefit from it.

The Kayla Itsines Review

When you set out online to search for the Kayla Itsines review, you will get everything from good to bad. There are women who claim they have lost 50 LBS within 6 months of working on the BBG 1.0 and 2.0 workouts. What these women liked most about the plan is that it was not a merely exercise plan or a nutritional plan but a great combination of both. The BBG program is a perfect combination of both these elements. It does not involve any kind of starvation diets or exercises that are difficult to do, especially for the beginners. The program gives clear instructions on what to do and what to eat.

Then there are other women who believe that the Kayla’s fitness program is simply overrated. These women have several complaints like having inconsistent results; they believe the program has a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach which certainly does not work for all the women since different women need different approach to lose weight. If you are not using the popular application for your workout, you can have a problem, the guidance is only in the form of illustrations or pictures that can be confusing and thus, completely risky. The schedule that has been mentioned in the program has also been found to be unrealistic by many women; having to workout both in the morning and the evening is not just impossible but also unrealistic for several women who have other better things to do as well.

All said and done, you have to experience it to believe it, different people, different perceptions is all we can say. But there is certainly one great thing about the program, Kayla has managed to motivate women to set healthy living as their priority.


The popular trainer Kayla itsines who is popular for heathy eating and fitness is followed my many people. This program is popular as Bikini Body Guide or BBG. Many people follow it but fitting in the bikini is not the main goal. Bikini body is to look confident and feel good.

Just thirty minutes a day with nutrition and workouts helps

This program of her is basically of 12 weeks and one need to spend thirty minutes each day. This trainer Kayla started this program with Instagram page, so that it would be easy for tracking the clients success stories.

Beginner can also start with this plan

A person who is basically in beginner level and can push themselves can start with this plan. As this has intense workouts and strong nutritional program, the person will drop few pounds and then he will be able to tone him selves and build muscles. The person need to continue the healthy eating and workout program after those twelve weeks, so that he can change the lifestyle and reach his goal. As a person will be following a diet which is rich in nutrition and restricting his calorie intake, there will be fat loss and she would see change in her body. Along with it, those high intensity workouts will help her in toning the body.  As each person’s body will be different, the progress will also vary.  It may be easy for one to reduce more and lose more inches while other person has lost less but improved her health. One must not compare their success with others but just keep motivated and push hard to achieve their goals. Check out the Bikini Body Guide.

Person with medical issues and pregnant must consult a doctor

If a person has some medical issues, they must make sure to visit a doctor first. As it is intense program, the person’s health condition must be in control. If the doctor has advised to move with the program, them the person can kick start it. High intensity interval training is not saving according to research for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol.  But the person will be able to improve his health as time goes on. People who have knee injuries and arthritis should look for low intense program. There are chances that the high intensity program can worsen the condition of the person. A woman who is pregnant can follow with doctor’s help. If she was regular to the workouts before becoming pregnant, then she can follow this. She can make few changes in the exercises after the doctorssuggestions.  One can start with a beginner four week program and then start with the twelve week program.

DIY Halloween costumes

DIY Halloween costumes

When it comes to Halloween it is time to spend lot of time googling about DIY costume ideas. It is not easy to make a unique and attractive costume all the time. Everyone with for most amazing, creative costumes and hence they start digging up every corner of the Internet. Here are some ideas which can be done by spending least time.

DIY Halloween costumes:

Do something with Jelly beans:

Among all this costume idea will result in sweetest outfit. One must have a trash bag for this costume. In this trash bag make holes for your legs and hands to fit in. This will look similar to candy bags. For the jellybeans, one must fill this bag with multi colored balloons. Using a ribbon one can tie up this bag near neck.

Life hack

Ghost like costume:

This is one among the easiest costumes that can be made. Things need for this is just an old bed sheet. It is better if it is a white one and next thing is to make 2 holes in this bed sheet. These 2 holes are small enough since they are for eyes. When cutting be careful since it should look like a holy ghost. Remaining sheet must be dressed with some suitable makeup. The place where the mouth comes one must wear lipstick there and cheeks must also be done with some color or makeup.

The riveter

One can dress up completely like a cultural icon. Have some name for this and this will also look like a symbol of feminism. One must have a denim top or any long sleeved top for this. Sleeves must be rolled till elbow. Around the head one must tie bandana preferably red in color. Hair must be tied up. To complete this costume one must wear 1940s makeup. Will all these it is done.

Dress up like a fortune-teller:

One can use gypsy magic to impress someone. It will be fun roaming around telling fortunes for others. This costume demands a shawl to drape the shoulders, long skirt, sparkly top, and a head scarf. Along with these one must also wear flashy jewelry and lot of gold. One must have ideas for funny fortunes for their family and friends. Along with these preparations, one most important thing is having a mysterious smile on the face. This is very important.

Be a Nerd:

One can think of a geeky and homemade costume. This will give a nerd look. To heighten the geek effect one must wear a glass. It is better if it has a bandage in the middle. Wearing suspenders will give an excellent look for the nerd costume. Pant or skirt should be pulled up high. Tucking the shirt into pant or skirt will give great look. If there are pockets then keep either calculator or pens in it.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do on the First Day of School

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do on the First Day of School

It’s back to school again. Whether you are a new student at your school or an old student returning, the first day of school will always be a new day. There will be new things around you and you will feel a sense of estrangement. There are things that you wanted to do on the first day of school, like making new friends or meeting up with old friends. However, there are also things you should not do on the first day of school. These may be very little things but these things can have a big impact on you and on your entire school year. So here are 5 things you shouldn’t do on the first day of school.


You might be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t that what is school is all about?”. Well not on the first day of school. If you plan to start studying in the library at your free time on the first day, well, there are things you should be doing. After all, that is what you’ll be doing for the entire school year so why not save it for the other remaining days. Just declare the first day as a No-Study day and just have fun and socialize.

Back To School

Keeping to Yourself

This is not a good thing to do especially if you are a new student. Start making friends on the first day. It is good to have a good buddy around not only on the first day but also for the entire year of your stay at your school.

Being Late

This is one of the worst things you can do on the first day of school. Showing up late on the first day of school is not a good impression that you will make for your teacher. Your teacher will remember you and will always expect that you will be late for class. So in short, be early so you will not be branded as “The Tardy One”.


Whatever happens, even if you were called off by someone or you got hurt physically or emotionally, never cry. Those who will see you do so will think that you are a weakling, very sensitive and someone with problems. People will try to stay away from you, especially since the first day of school always has some good vibes so they will tend to refrain from bad vibes which is you.

Starting a Fight

School, of course, is not a war zone so fighting is strictly prohibited. But starting a fight on the first day of school is an offense with greater consequences. Your fellow students will think you are a troublemaker and they will stay away from you. Your teachers, of course, will definitely be mad and would have you disciplined on the first day. Being brought to the guidance office on the first day is simply not a good thing that you would want everybody to remember.

Just keep in mind that whatever you do on the first day of school, will be what everyone will remember about you for an entire year or so. So give them all a good first impression and you will just have a fine school year.

   Use VoIP toners to get the Best VoIP services

A very important factor to consider when choosing a VoIP service, whether for the business use or for personal use is the speed of the internet provider and most of the people fail to do so. The result is poor quality of calls since the calls in such cases are unstable and jittery and often disconnect, the customers are dissatisfied when the promise of great calls to them is not fulfilled. This is exactly where the VoIP toners come into the picture. It offers test tools that help the customer to make the right decision when getting the VoIP services and it is absolutely free of cost! It has especially created a VoIP speed test tool that is designed keeping in mind the several levels of consumers.

How do VoIP toners work?

The speed test tools created by VoIP toners can be used by the customers for absolutely free. They can check the services of their internet provider and their performance to make sure that they can handle the VoIP service that they are looking forward to use. The test tool will ping your network whether at home or at work to the server that is the nearest, without considering where you are from. It also records the response time of download or upload which shows how fast the internet provider can handle your calls when you are using VoIP. It then finally recommends the suitable VoIP line appropriate to make a clarity call.

An important thing worth mentioning here is that it is a pre-purchase checking only. And the customers will have to consider the reviews and feedback from the clients that are actually using them to find whether or not the services are suitable for them. The tool comes as a great advantage to the VoIP toners users since they not only get reviews and feedback from the clients and users but also check whether their network can or cannot use the VoIP. It also helps to make the right decision on signing a VoIP provider and not regretting the decision later.

To conclude, the basic aim of VoIP toners is to provide a detailed information and insight that is necessary to make an aware and educated choice. The information provided will include data of network speed test, number of VoIP lines that are recommended, upload time, personal reviews of the editor and general reviews and feedback from the customer. The interviews are conducted regularly and the data is updated regularly so as to have the latest information and provide the best experience to the customer.


Advantages of Using Real Estate Flyers for Marketing

Real estate flyers are a great way of showcasing the properties if you’re into real estate business. They enable you to add your own personalized images and pictures along with the content, features, and other attributes that could make the people interested in the properties. This is the best way in which you can provide your target audience the full details of the property with the pictures so that they can have an idea on what the property is.

If you’re into real estate business and want to design flyers then no need to worry because you can get various online design tools and templates that can help you create your desired flyers. They also enable you to customize the flyer as per your needs and download it print or share them online with the potential buyers. Online websites, like realtykitflyers, also enable you to choose from various formats of flyers so that you can get a template that completely meets your needs.

There are many advantages of using these flyers for the real estate business agents and owner and here are some of the advantages:

Marketing and credibility

Real estate flyers are a great way of not only marketing your business but they also provide a great way to increase the credibility of your business. as soon as you get a property to sell, all you need to do is just get a good template and then add photos and description text with the contact details in the flyer. This will let the people know about the property you’re selling and within no time you will get your property sold.

You might think that pretty much it and there’s no use of the flyer now, but you’re wrong. You can take the flyer and make subtle changes to it like changing the listed tag to sold and changing the selling price to sold price, and distribute it to your clients, which can increase your credibility in the market.

Consistent brand image

There’s no denying the fact that if you want to have a high recognizing factor among the people, then you must make them aware of your brand and its benefits over the competition. Flyers help you get the high recognizing factor by making your brand recognizable among people. You just need to make sure that the template you use is unique and has all the important attributes like pictures, contact information, and call-to-action features.

You can also use online websites like realtykit flyers to make a good flyer for your business that could be of the highest-quality, which in turn can make your brand known among the people.

Lowering market costs

Generally, most of the real estate business owners and agents spend ahuge amount of money for marketing services and programs that can sometimes turn out to be very complicated both for the business as well as the people. These processes need hiring of professionals which adds up to the total marketing expenditure.

However, if you’re using flyers you don’t have to spend much money on it. You can design your own template, click your own pictures, write your own content, and provide the description. Most of the cost that you bear for the flyers is the printing costs and the cost of the paper used, which is far lesser than what you’ve spent on marketing your business.

The Perfect Harmony for Flyers

The most efficient real estate flyer designs should not only provide information but it should also be aesthetically beautiful in the eyes of the target audience. Balancing both the aesthetic aspect and the providing critical information can be challenging.

The harmonious effect of both aspects can not only help to attract the audiences to look at the flyers but also have the power to secure potential buyers by providing important content that most of them consider in a housing or a condo project.

Preparation of the Canvass

The spacing of the things to be incorporated in the flyer is hard. Due to space limitations, choosing what aspect are to be more emphasized are crucial. While the other components are squeezed in a smaller portion there is a possibility it won’t be seen by the buyers at first glance. Deciding upon the space allocations is a primary factor whether the design will deliver the right message and spark the interest of the buyers.

The color of the background should be in a dark tone so that the rest of the flyer’s detail is imposed. It is also more pleasing to the eyes and provides a good base for the color combination for the rest of the components.

Creating the Perfect Ambiance

Pictures of the housing or the condo project should be organized and presented in a manner that is subtle yet precise. An actual photograph is much more desirable and should be supplied with key floor plans that will increase its effectiveness. It can help the buyers to easily visualize the actual appearance of the project. The pictures that should use must have great angles, beautiful colors, good quality, and clear resolution while emphasizing the features of the project.

Pictures included should be supplementing the information, not just for an eye-candy. Therefore, it should demonstrate the important details. The pictures should supplement the flyer like a mild ambiance.

 The Highlights

Even if how much aesthetically pleasing the flyer but if it is lacking information; it will not help secure buyers. Hence, it is very crucial in balancing the aesthetics of the flyers by providing information. If they find it interesting but lacking the information, it might dissuade them since to gather further details by inquiring can take up precious time. Hence, it is important to layout all essential details so they can analyze it when they have free time. Details should be factual and accurate while showcasing the advantages of the project.

General details that should be highlighted are the name of the developer, the project’s name and most of all the location the project area. Information regarding the actual dimensions and features of the project such as the total floor, location and numbers of rooms, and detailed floor plans should be provided in a neat manner. Prices, contact info, and guideline to avail the project should be enclosed together for easy referencing.

The main driving factor that is being considered by the common people is the price of the project. Hence, it is essential to highlight the perks of the project to justify the cost. By enumerating the advantages of the project such as the existing condition in terms of safety against hazards or identifying the closest commercial areas and essential establishments are crucial determining factors. They can put these facts into consideration in their decision making and it will help them define how are the state of living and the level of convenience in that area. Facts that can have a huge impact to change the mindset of the buyers and that can help secure more sales.


Things never to do if you want to lose weight

Losing weight is not as easy as gaining weight. It literally requires you to sweat a lot. Losing weight is not a process that happens in a week or two; it is a kind of lifestyle you need to maintain so that you don’t gain weight again. One of the biggest problems weight loss plans face is gradual motivation. If you really want to maintain a slim body, you need to keep yourself motivated by talking to people who have lost weight or by reading about people who have fought obesity successfully.

Trim biofit is a natural way of reducing your weight by reducing your appetite and by burning fat. Trim biofit contains garcinia cambogia which helps in weight reduction.

Every little thing you eat or do in a day can affect your weight loss plan and this is why you need to be very careful so that you get good results faster. Otherwise you are just going back and forth by fluctuating in your activities. Here are few things you should avoid doing if you want to lose weight.

Stop giving yourself rewards

If you’ve started going to the gym, you might know that you get hungry once you finish your workout. This doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want as a reward for working out hard. Your reward is your healthy and fit body. Giving yourselves rewards in terms of pizza, burgers and other fast food is only going to spoil the effort you put in for burning fat in the gym.

Don’t sit idle for too long

When you’re at work, don’t sit idle for a long time. You can get up and go to the washroom, or got to fill some water, or simply take a walk around your office premises. Belly fat’s best friend is your office chair and you really don’t want them to be friends for long.

Little bites do matter

Every bite you take from your friend’s tiffin box, every snack you have in between your meals and every bite you take while cooking just to see if the food is right, all of those little bites matter. They add to the total amount of calories you consume in a day. All you need to make sure is that you keep a track of how many calories you need to consume a day and never cross it.

Don’t expect too much

If you expect too much from a diet plan or a work out plan, the results may disappoint you because obviously unrealistic results are impossible. And if you see that the results don’t match your expectations, it may disappoint you and demotivate you. You might feel that there’s no point in doing it anymore.

Healthy food consumption also should be kept under control

Don’t eat a lot of vegetables and fruits or whole wheat food just because you know they are healthy. No matter what you eat, always try to maintain a balanced diet.

Changing Career Path:  Entrepreneur and Freelancing

 When I graduated from the university and successfully passed the professional board examination, I was confident enough to enter the working industry. As a fresh graduate, your expectation of the work environment is quite unrealistic and often dream about landing that dream job. But as you gain more experience in the local industry, you will begin to realize that work is pretty much is all about responsibility.

You will begin to be exposed to the toxicity of an office and start to identify different characters. You will also learn about how dirty politics work and how does it affect your daily life. Add that inconvenient public transportation and annoying people you encounter along the way. Soon you realize that most of the companies will take advantage of you by working you until you are completely dry while compensating you with at least a minimum salary grade.

Breaking the Wall of Misconception

Since I was a student, all of my professors are kept saying that having a stable job with big and famous companies can secure my financial freedom. Even so, I would be probably around middle age before that happens since even with a more than 5 years of experience, the salary range provided by most of these companies does not even have a huge difference due to the income tax reduction and daily expenses. Hence, the take home money is almost the same.

Two years in the industry, I tried to find another solution besides going abroad to find a more competitive source of income. During my free time, I keep researching for ways to help me achieve the financial freedom I dreamt about. Soon, I began learning about the stock market and reading a lot of articles about small business start ups.

Not Enough Time

Since I was working full time, almost every day I burn at least 15 to 16 hours considering the travel time and heavy congestion of traffic. I soon realize that even if I find another solution, there is no enough time to allot to it. I don’t want to sacrifice the allotted time for rest, friends, and family since there are also essential for my wellness.

So I decided to tender my resignation in pursuit of having more time for business and monitoring my stocks in the market.


Even though my business is still small and only starting to grow, I was barely going by in the financial department for few months. Since it is not yet stable, money that comes in my portfolio is quite seasonal. Hence, I decided to plan another goal to supplement my income. Then I discovered freelancing or home-based opportunities.

It is suitable to my needs. It provides stable income, less stressful environment and more time for my business since I’m working at home. At first, I was reliant since most of the employer is from other countries. I was worried about the medium of communication since we can’t rely only on using chat and I was worry how costly to call someone overseas. Later on, I discovered how helpful Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications is which you can use to call someone using the internet. There are also free VoIP that can be used like Skype and Viber which is very convenient means to communicate with them. Also, some of the employers are using paid services from VoIP providers like seen on the website of voiptoners to supplement their businesses.

And as of now, I began to stabilize my income and given the opportunity to work on my own small business while working flexible time provided by my home-based job.