Advantages of Online Examination

 Online examination also called e-examination, are conducted online to assess the knowledge of a person on a specific topic. These exams have multiple-choice questions and the student is supposed to click the right answer in a particular time limit. The student is supposed to use his own computer to appear for the exam that runs a standard operating system. This enables the student to appear for the exam anytime and anywhere at his own convenience.

Advantages- these are some of the advantages of online examination.

Saving paper means saving trees and saving trees means less of global warming. Online examination needs no paper work because the questions are on the computer, the answers are given on the computer, the results are also published on the computer. A to Z of the exam are done on the computer.

It saves a lot of time. Distribution of question paper, collection of answer paper, checking of answer paper, publishing of results all take lots of time when done manually. Computer helps by doing all this in a fraction of no time. The results are published immediately after the exam.

Administration costs are minimal. The paperwork is nil and that is why the expenses are cut down considerably.

Exams can be conducted anywhere. Any person from anywhere can take the exam. This allows students to take the exams at their own convenience.

There is no chance of question paper leaks because it is stored in the database and it is accessible to only authorized person.

Chances of students copying is negligible because the computer can change the questions and the order of the questions for each student. This is one reason why many institutions have changed from the conventional style of examination.

Online examination is  cost efficient, time efficient and helps in protecting the earth from global warming by saving paper. Many schools and universities have changed to e-examination because of its myriad advantages over pen and paper examinations. This is the age of digitalization so why not exams be digitalized also.