The Advantages of Flexographic Printing

Flexography, also known as “surface printing” or “flexo”, is the modernized letterpress combined with rotogravure technology, using flexible relief plates. These plates are mounted on a continuous substrate like plastics, cellophane, corrugated cardboard, paper, newspaper, and so much more. This is a widely used process in the modern technology of printing these days.

            A flexo set-up is usually composed of a fountain roll, a plate cylinder, and an impression cylinder. Through the years, flexo printing has evolved ever since the first press was built by Bibby, Baron, and Sons in Liverpool, England. Now, everything can be printed even the large area jobs. The rise is short-run job demands have inspired business owners to start a business with flexo printing.

What are the Advantages of flexo Printing?

            Since flexographic printing is the most common trend in the history of printing these days, let us know the advantages that it can provide both the business owner and the customers.

    The flexo printing machine can work with any substrate. It can be made of plastic or paper, small or large, it can work with almost anything. You can also use any fast-drying inks which makes it the best for packaging and publication prints. These days, even the production of newspapers, catalogs, disposable cups, gift wraps, can now be done in a flexo machine.

    This advantage makes flexography stand out among the old-type of the printing process. The speed is influenced by the press setup, the use of fast-drying inks as well as water-based inks, and the cleanup process is faster as well. The finishing stations like laminating and die-cutting are integrated into the press line making the process faster and continuous.

  • Cost Effective.

            Because of the high-speed and high-volume in flexo printing, the cost of materials is cheaper compared to gravure and lithographic printings. ASide from the cost, the printer will also help you save on labor since everything is done by the flexo machine.

  • Environmental Friendly.

    The printing industry has received negative feedbacks because of the heavy use of chemicals. Flexo printing uses solvent-free inks which will reduce volatile organic chemical or VOC emissions.

Flexographic printing is continuously evolving. Newer versions are being introduced which offers much faster result and much cheaper cost of materials and inks. It will never be a doubt why through the years, flexo printing has helped many business owners with their return on investments.